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Term Paper for iloveyou Virus

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    A virus is a self replicating computer code with malicious intent. Its goal is to infiltrate various computer directories and registries and generally make the computer system vulnerable and insecure to external threats.

    One of the many famous computer viruses includes the iloveyou virus. A term paper for iloveyou virus demands that the student covers all aspects on the virus, from A to Z. It should be rich in research and findings, and displays a keen understanding of the topic. This article will help you in writing a term paper for iloveyou virus.

    Start your term paper for iloveyou virus with some history and an overview on the virus. The virus is also known as LoveLetter and is responsible for successfully infiltrating and attacking millions of Windows based computers on May 4th 2000. It used email attachments as a vessel to attack computers.

    You must write about the origins and those involved in this case in your term paper for iloveyou virus. Two young Filipino computer programming students were held responsible for this incident. Their names are Reomel Ramones and Onel de Guzman. It began when the National Bureau of Investigations received multiple complaints from Sky Internet which is a local internet service provider. Since cybercrime laws were not erected in that region, it was unclear what to charge these two students with.

    Tell readers of your term paper for iloveyou virus on how the virus actually infiltrated the system. The virus appeared as a text attached in email accounts. Its real file extension was hidden and it just appeared as a harmless text file. When users clicked and downloaded the attachment, they activated the virus’s spread. The worm transmitted a copy of itself to the first 50 contacts in the users’ address book, and so it began to multiply.

    The damages caused and claimed should be mentioned in your term paper for iloveyou virus. A world wide estimate of the damage conducted revealed a figure of $5.5 billion. Uncontrollably, the virus spread across many countries of the world from Hong Kong, to Europe and then the U.S. Much of this amount was attributed to efforts in removing the worm. Widespread damage included overwriting media files and a massive reformatting of systems.

    Conclude your term paper for iloveyou virus by stating that this incident gave rise to the creation of new computer and internet laws and security measures. However, the world is still not free from viruses as programmers and code writers are still capable of using their knowledge for malicious means.

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