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Help Me Write a Thesis Statement: A Guide for Clever Persons

Each high-grade document must contain a basic idea is understandable to a wide public. The proposal fixing the author's position on a certain topic is called a thesis statement. It brings a content of an article to a reader and helps to summarize your evidence. Many confuse the purpose opinion with a thesis. A principal difference between them is the latter is supported by thorough proofs. Qualitative thesis statements testify to a depth of the issue’s study and make an advantageous impression on the admissions committee.

Before you begin to write a thesis statement, decide on the kind of document. This may be an analytical essay, an explanatory note, a reasoned response, or even literary critique. Depending on the genre of the written assignment, a thesis is divided into next types: informative and explanatory. In the first case, you state the purposes of research and provide the target group with a method for achieving them. The second type is aimed at the argumentation of the author's position since its main task is to convince as many readers as possible in own right.

Example 1: To prepare a hot salad “Caprice,” you need to buy all suppliers and follow a ready recipe.

Example 2: Cold starters are better than hot salads because they are easier for preparing and have a longer shelf life.

Also, abstracts could be long, i.e., consisting of several items, or short, containing only one sentence. An optimal length is 30-40 words. However, your main idea must necessarily include two elements: the writer's opinion and fundamental motives for it. A clearly formulated thesis, as a rule, answers three key questions:

What is the main subject of the article?

What is a central idea of the topic under discussion?

What evidence will you use for supporting own position?

By means of answers, you will receive not only the structure of future research but also maximize your focus on the subject. The relevance of an argumentative abstract cannot be overemphasized, so you should consult the tips for help writing a thesis statement.

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Abstracts are usually placed at the end of the first paragraph of the preface as its final element. An induction serves as a kind of trap that captivates the reader, and then focuses his/her attention on the thesis before moving on to paragraphs. Some writers prefer to submit the central idea in the capacity of mini-conclusion. This is permissible move, but hardly effective for beginning essayists.

The formulation of the thesis has to be specific and focus on the stated subject as much as possible. Give up a special language if you are not sure that you will be correctly understood. Often, authors associate an effective thesis with the construction of complex text structures. This is not entirely true, since your ideas, rather than proposals, must be complicated.

Also, avoid well-known truths and abstractions such as “values” or “system,” because they do not carry a semantic load. Such categories require additional explanations since their interpretation is usually subjective. Show originality.

An initial thesis: Modern cinema contributes to the increase of violence in the youth environment.

The good one: Researchers argue that thrillers and horror films stimulate the manifestation of humanity by youth.

Remember, assertation does not just announce. Its aim is to demonstrate your contention or the method by which you will analyze it. This approach confirms your status as a scientist.

Initial thesis: In my work, I will examine the relationship between gender stereotypes and child education.

Correct example: It is the principles of traditional education that are the reason for the formation of gender stereotypes.

Refuse to ascertain the universal judgments or facts, because they do not cause discussion. It is impossible to challenge an event that has already happened. Nevertheless, these techniques could be used as stimulants for inspiration. When writing a thesis statement, you should give preference to the specifics and active verbs, clarifying the meaning of your attitude. Use synonyms. For example, the term “media” may be replaced by “media resources” or “pen sharks,” and the category “to create” is suitable for the concept of “generating” or “inventing.”

An original abstract: Humanity must save the forests.

Correct one: The reduction of the ozone hole is directly related to the presence of forest plantations, so our task is to unite in the struggle for them.

A good thesis requires strong arguments, and is not based on phrases like “because I think/feel it.” But keep in mind that in the process of writing an article, your main idea may undergo changes. Therefore, start with a trial approval and do not be afraid to process it according to the text. The significant thing is that your point matter not only for you but also for the greater part of an auditory.

Remember, to write a thesis statement, firstly choose a side. For example, you are going to prepare an article about the effect of dietary supplements on the human psyche. Then the highlight will determine your assumptions and expectations. You could argue that such supplements are useful or otherwise harmful to health. In any case, certainty must be in your point.

The original thesis: Communism is an effective ideology for North Korea.

Correct example: Based on the communist political system, the government of North Korea managed to restore its industrial and military potential.

In the body of the essay, it is not superfluous to repeat the paraphrased thesis and its arguments, so the reader does not forget a basic idea stated in the introduction. A priori, limit the scope of your research in order to avoid a superficial approach to analyzing the problem. Usually, such a situation arises with complex topics combining many incompatible categories and ultimately confusing the audience.

Focus on the principle: one concept is one thesis. To do this, resort to the already traditional method of brainstorming or decision trees. After finishing an essay, check your work for authenticity and make sure that its content is logically correlated with the main idea. Otherwise, you are accused of irrelevance and incompatibility.

Thus, to write a strong thesis statement takes longer than other components of the assignment. Nevertheless, through its qualitative formulation, you can capture the attention of the audience with your ideas and become an authority in certain circles. It is a strong thesis indicates emergence of the author with a high level of intelligence and originality of thinking. Therefore, it is worth spending extra time and effort to create it.

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