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Tootsie the Movie Essay

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    A term paper is a detailed piece of writing that examines a student’s capacity to research, study, compile and critique a course related topic. The grade of the term paper goes on to add to the final GPA of the student and for this very reason students take this task seriously. You can be asked to write a term paper regarding subjects, artwork, literature, characters and even movies. Each has a unique way of approaching.

    A distinctive approach must be taken when writing a term paper around a movie; it requires scrutiny, appreciation and interpretation. Either way, for a term paper on Tootsie the movie, you must watch the movie a number of times to thoroughly grasp the plot and how it progresses in the later stages of the film. The movie tells the story of a gifted but unpredictable actor that is known to be stubborn in the industry. He goes through extreme measures to secure a job he is interested in. The movie stars Dustin Hoffman and Jessica Lange who won an Oscar for her role as a supporting actor in Tootsie the movie.

    Keep in mind that you are not watching the movie for entertainment’s sake; it is because you have to write an academic term paper on tootsie the movie. Keep a journal and pen with you so you can write down important points and details from a critical appreciation point of which. This will serve as the research for tour term paper on Tootsie the movie.

    Decide on a certain aspect of your term paper on Tootsie the movie. For example, you can discuss the roll of Justin Hoffman, or write about Jessica Lange’s marvelous Oscar-winning acting. You can even try to identify any flaws of the movie depending on how you see it. A niche must be decided and depicted in the form of a thesis statement which should be presented right at the beginning of your term paper on Tootsie the movie.

    Now that you have decided what direction you’re going to take, begin producing the research you conducted which should be relevant to your area. Provide facts, examples and illustrations from the movie. If you are talking about the script, make sure you provide instances of the dialogue that you would like to highlight. Chances are that the reader has not watched the movie, so you have to keep him or her in the loop.

    To conclude your term paper on Tootsie the movie, discuss whether the cast did justice to the characters of the movie or talk about the value derived after watching it.

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