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What is a reaction paper?

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    A reaction paper is a kind of assignments that should be written in accordance with the something you have just read. They are also called response papers as they include a response to the text you have analyzed and suggested your ideas and position to the content. Do you know the specificity of this type of paper? Arm yourself with patience and keep reading.

    Writing such kind of academic works is extremely popular in the high school. The reason for this could be found in the character of this assignment. It requires thoughtful, attentive reading, perfect analyzing skills, ability to do research, generate your ideas and smoothly declare them in the sentences. It will serve as an explanation of your awareness in the original text and the main topic of it. Moreover, it determines the level f your erudition. Reading your paper a teacher can understand the level of your mental ability and critical thinking.

    Writing a reaction paper could be not an easy thing if you have never done this kind of assignment before. In order to omit common mistakes, read through the following tips and follow the simple instructions that will enable you to complete an ideal work.

    The first step is connected with the original text. You should read it accurately and attentively, and be confident that you are fully aware of the topic. The text would include a list of connected ideas, but you couldn’t place all of them in your essay. Distinguish what points would be interesting to discuss and pick them up. Be confident you know what your instructor expects to meet in your work. Study the given instructions and distinguish the purpose of your assignment.

    Note down all the fresh ideas that will come to your mind while reading the first time. Do not wait until the last day and do not procrastinate. You should have enough time to read the text as many times as you need and advance your ideas.

    Try to be personal and state your own point of you, presenting your own arguments and holding them back with the examples and pieces of evidence. Do not write in general and make efforts to sound concrete and persuasive. To be more argumentative, use the help of different reliable sources.

    Do not place the summary of the original text. Reaction papers are those that express your opinions not duplicated arguments of other authors. The summary will extend the number of words in your essay but diminish its quality.

    Think carefully before inserting the examples. They should serve as good support for your arguments and be connected with your point of you. Do not pick up the evidence that is not strong or do not tightly related to your ideas.

    To make the process of writing easier, state the question that you will answer while writing. They could be as follows: “What did the author want to say?”, “What problems does he touch?” and others.

    What is a reaction paper format?

    Speaking of the reaction papers format, we should mention that formatting is one of the most important steps that will help you to create an ideal paper. Making a response paper outline allows you to see the goal of your writings and helps to generate all thoughts in the one well-organized scheme. You will be able to express your ideas smoothly and logically to increase the quality of your paper.

    Creating reaction paper outline might be a difficult task and take much time but be confident it is done before you start completing the content. Like any other type of writing assignments, your paper should include the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion.

    The introduction is supposed to attract the reader and give him the idea of what you are going to talk about. Make it appealing and hooking to catch the audience. You should include here an introducing of the author and the problem that he touched in the text, and you are going to discuss. Create strict and accurate thesis statements and move on to the body paragraphs.

    In the main body, you are supposed to express your opinions and support them with the persuasive testimonies. Write consecutively and consistently to help your readers easily get the point. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence that includes the main argument and will be explained in the following sentences.

    Completing the conclusion, you are supposed to restate your thesis statements and summarize all thoughts and arguments that were stated in the body paragraphs. The main aim of the conclusion is to leave the last effect on the readers and make them think of the topic even after finishing reading the paper.

    The obligatory part of your paper is the citation list. Creating the content, you have used a number of sources, and all of them should be mentioned on the list. Every quote that is placed in the main body must be cited with accordance to the needed format. Do not forget that you should use only reliable sources.

    It is always easier to understand the theory if you examine it on the practical level. For that reason, we recommend you to find a good reaction paper example and to look it through to make it clear how to make your outline.

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