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What is Article Review?

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    Different types of writing require different approaches to be considered. Although the primary requirements such as the structure, outline, main parts are always included, there are specifications which an article review should contain. If you pay attention to the main rules and principles, it will be much easier to write this type of paper.

    Let’s define article review as a term. It is an academic essay that is based on the critical analysis of the article which can be on various themes. The report consists of a summary of the article and its step-by-step investigation regarding stylistics, meaning, philosophical issues, and other approaches.

    How to Write Article Review

    There are exact steps which you should take before beginning to write:

    1. Choose the article for investigation. Unless you have the required topic, focus on the sphere of your interest. The main rule for a successful paper is the attitude of the writer towards the theme which he or she discusses. Teachers usually give a choice of several articles, so you need to read the summaries of each of them. It won’t take long, but you will choose the most exciting theme for you.

    2. Read the article. The best option is to read it several times. When you just get acquainted with the work, you can just get the main idea. Then reread more thoroughly and write down notes. Underline the keywords, single out the message of each section. This will help you in structuring the paper further.

    3. Conduct a research. It is complicated to write up a whole new essay without any academic basis. Go to the library, find other reviews of the same text. Read them, analyze, and include on the reference page. It will help you in formulating your own opinion taking into account the viewpoints of professionals. Also, your teachers will give you credit for doing in-depth research. With a proper information, you can make your review scientifically valuable.

    4. Prepare an outline. Lots of students prefer to omit this step because they consider it to be unnecessary and just the waste of time. However, it is complicated to begin the essay without the proper planning. If you get used to preparing outlines, you’ll see that it improves the cohesion and coherence of your writing. A review is not an exception; it even won’t be logical unless you have a proactive plan. The structure is the most significant criteria for any writing because it shows how consistently the article review writer can express his or her thoughts.

    5. Write the paper. This step hands-down requires the most significant amount of time and concentration. Try to be unbiased and don’t write about the emotions which you felt while reading. It is not creative writing which requires talking about something abstract. The article review needs critical thinking and impartiality.

    6. Polish up your writing. Even if you have excellent content, you will never get the highest mark for the essay if it contains grammatical mistakes. There are multiple online services which can help you with checking the punctuation, tense forms, spelling. Don’t lose the valuable marks for the mistakes which can be corrected in the blink of an eye.

    7. Ask somebody to evaluate your essay. This step is arbitrary, but if you listen to the points of view of other people, you will anticipate the possible mistakes in the future. Moreover, a fresh look is always a good idea. If there is no one to ask for the revision, reread your essay several days after completing it. This technique is useful for finding tautology, stylistic mistakes, and it will make the review sound better.

    Use your Critical Thinking

    If you want to get the A+ for your article review, you have to analyze the text as an unbiased scientist or linguist. Try to look at the composition which is under investigation from different angles. Don’t try to single out your opinion, because here it is more significant to examine varied views, and then make a conclusion. The only way you can improve your writing skills of preparing the article review is to practice a lot, and consider the takeaways from each attempt.

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