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How To Write a Good Dissertation Paper

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    For the majority of students, a dissertation paper is the most important academic task that must be written before the college undergraduates will receive their Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctor of Philosophy degrees. In fact, the term ‘a dissertation paper’ is used to denote the ultimate result of the self-guided work and the academic research introduced by every undergraduate student.

    One of the most common structures of the final assignment written by the college undergraduates includes the eleven parts of the paper. Among a number of different sections that comprise the dissertation structure, there are the title page, the abstract, the acknowledgements, the contents page, the introduction, the materials and methods of literature review, the results of sources and methods, the discussion or findings, the conclusions, the references, and the appendices. Each section of the college students’ final assignment performs a particular function, and all the parts of the paper are equally important for completing a successful dissertation. The first section of this academic assignment is the title page that explains the potential readers the topic of the research that is discussed in the dissertation paper. Evidently, the title of the research should be brief, concise, descriptive, and specific at the same time. Finally, the college students should not forget that some academic disciplines usually require the defined format of any writing activity.

    The following section of the dissertation is the abstract that may be the shortest part of the paper. However, it is crucial to understand that this section is responsible for a concise summary of the entire research, and hence, the abstract should be well-organized, readable, and clear. For all the to begin to write the abstract of the paper after the rest of the research is completed. What is more important, in their academic writings, the individuals may apply the section of acknowledgments that will include the names of all the people that have been helpful in the development of the dissertation. In the table of contents, which is another section of the paper, it is needed to provide a detailed structure for writing this academic assignment. In the section of bibliography, it is required to list all the sources that are cited in the paper in the alphabetical order. And, finally, college undergraduates may apply the page of appendices after the reference list. The sections mentioned above refer to the issue of formatting a dissertation.

    The remaining sections of this academic writing that have not been discussed yet are related to the general structure of any research proposal. The first one is the introduction that introduces the topic of the dissertation as well as the problem statement. Since this chapter is considered to be a starting point of the writing the assignment, it should convince the potential readers of the practical relevance, as well as the scientific rationale, of writing this dissertation paper. The effective introductive part implies the explanation of the motive for research, its scope, the theoretical and practical relevance, current study, the objectives of the study, the brief research design description, and the outline of this academic writing. Apart from that, it is important to remember the methodology dissertation structure. Another step implies the analysis of the information gathered for the research.

    The results/findings, discussion, and conclusion chapters describe how the research is conducted. In the section of conclusions, there is no need to summarize the main points of the paper; it is required to provide a conclusion based on the findings of the research.

    How to structure dissertation paper

    It is not a mystery that the process of structuring a dissertation text might become a significant challenge for everyone. When you start writing the dissertation paper, you have to choose the topic of your research first. In order to generate several ideas, you can look at the various writings that can be found in the library or look through the dissertations of the other students. After the topic of the research is already chosen, it is highly recommended to create a dissertation structure plan. In the introductive section, you should explain the reason why you have chosen this particular topic and provide the research question that will be discussed in the paper.

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