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Writing a First Class Diploma Thesis

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    Learn the Appropriate Styles for Writing the Diploma Thesis

    Diploma thesis is written and submitted by the students in universities of some countries in continental Europe to get their Diplom degrees. In German speaking countries “Diplom” is equivalent to a combination of Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree. In Finland and some other Eastern European countries Diplomas are awarded only for Engineers. Most Diploma theses are written on Research work on Engineering, Technology and Science Topics. Diploma Thesis is a compulsory requirement for awarding a Diplom in these nations. But in other countries, there may be diplomas in marketing, accounting and other professional fields which is equivalent to a bachelors degree. A diploma thesis is considered as equivalent as or higher than a degree Thesis.

    Topics for the Diploma Thesis

    In many countries Most of the fundamental and technological research is carried out in universities. Universities get many problems from various industries to apply scholastic knowledge and find solutions. The students get an opportunity to take up topics suitable for their interests and the courses they are studying for their research. Universities have their special long term research projects carried out by different departments. Students can also select any area from such a project. There are some advantages of selecting a research project from industry. Financial assistance for the project work and the possible employment with the sponsoring company are among them.

    Sample Diploma Thesis Topics

    BY referring to sample diploma theses, students will be in a better position to ascertain how the diploma thesis differs from those of degree thesis. The main difference which becomes highlighted is the technical nature of chosen topic areas. Following are few thesis topics from diploma thesis submitted by students from various courtiers where higher education is represented by diploma certification system.

    • Server-based Virus-protection On Unix/Linux (University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen, Germany)

    • Indexing Encrypted XML Documents in the SemCrypt Database Management System (Johannes Kepler University Linz Germany)

    • On higher dimensional Kerr-Schild spacetimes (Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic)

    • Evaluation of the influence of channel conditions on Car2X Communication. (Diploma Thesis -Chemnitz University of Technology, 2005)

    • Question and Answer Classifier for Closed Domain Interactive Question Answering (Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic)

    Writing Styles for Diploma Thesis

    A study of many diploma theses revealed that they do not follow any specific US-type writing style, such as MLA, APA or Chicago styles. But there are initiatives to introduce standard writing styles in universities and other academic institutions. As more and more foreign students are joining to universities in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union many diploma theses are written in English Language. It is advantageous for students writing diploma thesis to follow a suitable thesis style as it would get an international recognition and most of the diploma theses are published as digital thesis.

    Help for Diploma Thesis

    Students writing their diploma thesis in English may need help in writing their theses. Sometimes help may not be easily available in the university. The help required maybe for writing style, topic selection, research for literature, and editing. A good thesis writing service can provide all this help. If needed student can enlist help for writing the complete thesis. Getting help will improve the quality, clarity and the acceptance of your diploma thesis, especially if English is not your mother tongue. This would give your thesis international recognition. Remember that the diploma thesis is a milestone of your life and it will be a long lasting achievement of yours.

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