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Writing a Honors Level MPhil Thesis

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    MPhil Thesis Shall be of Publishable Quality

    MPhil Thesis is a requirement for obtaining a Master of Philosophy Degree in any field of study. M. Phil. Degree is a postgraduate research degree lower than Ph.D. It can take two years of fulltime research work, though a few universities offer one year M.Phil. Degrees. M. Phil. Thesis is written to present the findings of the research done for the M.Phil. Degree. Therefore, this thesis has to be of publishable quality. The students have to show their specialist knowledge in the subject area in addition to their research skills and the mastery of research techniques.

    Thesis Requirements for MPhil Degree

    When writing the thesis the students have to select and follow an accepted style of writing, which is in line with the requirements laid by the particular department of study. The students have to consult their supervisors and closely follow the thesis guideline to identify the writing style applicable. At this level of studies, it is expected that the students understand, follow and demonstrate the academic and the research ethics and the accepted norms in empirical research process. Although there can be variations across different universities, most of the time, it is necessary for the students to defend their MPhil thesis. This is done with a presentation to the thesis committee and facing question and answer session. An oral examination could also follow.

    Thesis Plan and the Thesis Proposal

    Students planning to write an MPhil Thesis must understand that it is not much different to writing a Doctoral Thesis. Therefore the students have to meticulously plan the research process and writing of the thesis. The lengthy process of research and writing has to be broken down to smaller tasks and each part can be handled separately. The time can be saved and the thesis can be completed in time or earlier by carrying out tasks parallelly and multiple tasks being grouped together when possible.

    Many universities require the students to prepare a detailed thesis proposal and get that approved by the thesis committee. Devoting time and effort for the thesis proposal and the thesis plan saves time and improves the standard of the thesis. The time spent in planning and the proposal will not be a waste because, such preliminary research will be useful for the final thesis writing as well.

    Research methods

    Finding solutions to the research problem or the evidences to prove the thesis are the aims of research. The research for the MPhil thesis may involve one or more of the following depending on the discipline and the type of research problem or the thesis.

    • Reading different sources to collect data, information and knowledge

    • Interviewing people

    • Administering Questionnaire surveys

    • Laboratory experiments

    • Field observations

    Accuracy of the data should be as accurate as possible and the students have to reveal the limits of accuracies honestly.

    Can Students get Thesis Help?

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