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Writing a Masterpiece of a Master Thesis Proposal

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    Write a Convincing Master Thesis Proposal to Satisfy Thesis Committee

    Students write a Master Thesis Proposal and get it accepted by the thesis committee before starting the research work on their thesis for the Master’s Degree. In writing the thesis proposal students have to spend a considerable amount of time brainstorming for thesis ideas and researching the selected topic before preparing the thesis proposal. A literature review also helps the student to know the status of knowledge and research on the topic and helps the thesis committee to evaluate the proposal. A working thesis has to be formulated and a thesis statement shall be written.

    Purpose of a Thesis and a Thesis Proposal

    Purpose of a thesis is to examine or investigate a significantly important issue and find solutions to that problem or to prove a hypothesis formulated with the available knowledge and the evidences. Aim of the strong>master thesis proposal is to inform the problem selected for research, or the thesis to be supported or proven. Further the thesis proposal shall show the approach and the methodology intended for the research and expected result or the thesis to be proven by the research. A thesis plan with a timetable and a thesis outline showing the tentative chapters also have to be included in the proposal.

    The students need to write the thesis proposal in a manner which conveys to the thesis committee why the proposed thesis is worthy of research. It should also justify the proposed methodology and outline why it is suitable. The time plan should persuade the committee that the student can complete the thesis project within the timeframe.

    Parts of a Master Thesis Proposal

    There are some essential parts for a thesis proposal. But the universities and the departments have their requirements and the formats for their master thesis proposal. Students have to prepare their thesis proposals as per the guidelines given by their department. However, there are some general requirements of writing a Master’s thesis proposal which includes the following:

    • Title page

    • Abstract

    • Contents page

    • Introduction

    • Thesis statement

    • Literature review

    • Methodology

    • Discussion with results of the preliminary research

    • Thesis plan including time table

    • Significance of the of research

    • Bibliography

    In some Universities and some departments of studies, it is a requirement for the students to verbally present their thesis proposal and defend it by answering the questions posed by the thesis proposal approving committee. Students should be able to answer the questions to show their knowledge on the topic, their understanding of the research methodologies proposed and the methods for analysis of research data. Students have to show that they have grasped the involved concepts thoroughly.

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