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Writing a Masterpiece of an Art Thesis

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    An Art Thesis Needs to Combine both Artistic Talent and Knowledge of Theory

    Art Thesis may be written on any topic that can be considered as art or connected with the arts. Art is a very broad subject unlike many other disciplines. It is borderless. Because of this reason there is disagreement as to the definition of art. There is a branch of philosophy that studies about art. Philosophy of art is called aesthetics. Anyway art is generally considered actions performed and the objects created to express and share the thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences of an artist. The purpose of the artistic creations is to share or stimulate the thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensory experiences. The form of art can be classified under different branches depending on the medium used by the artist to express himself/herself. Branches of art are classified according to the medium.

    They are:

    • Performing arts: Dance, Music, Theatre

    • Visual Arts: Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Architecture, Interior Design, Landscaping

    • Literature: play, novels, short stories, poetry

    Anything can pass as art depending on the artist’s ability, skill and mastery to express or share his/her ideas, feelings, emotions, and experiences with others effectively by creating what he/she calls as a work of art using any medium. Therefore the author of the art thesis also can write on any topic if he/she can prove that topic is connected to the arts. The main idea of the thesis is to study deeply into the topic to find out how it connects with the artistic expression of feelings, emotions and experiences.

    Select a Narrow Specific Thesis Idea

    Though the art is a broad subject your thesis topic should be narrow enough to tell anything concrete. Traditionally students select projects for their Master in Fine Arts (MFA) degree, and produce works of art to show their insight, mastery and the knowledge on the selected medium, techniques, and the materials apart from their knowledge on the subject area. Other students must do some research to write a thesis to show their academic excellence in the selected area of study. The study has to be original and must make a contribution to the knowledge on the topic. There are some common traditional thesis types for art thesis.

    • Monograph is a thesis written on an artist. The thesis may examine some aspect of the artist’s work, and a comparison and contrast with other contemporaries, and connection of character of his expression to his background. For instance a student may choose to write on the “Influence of Greek Orthodox Religious Background to El Greco’s Paintings”. This thesis cannot go out of hand and limited to a very specific area. And there are enough opportunities to study deeply into the subject and this is a subject which is not adequately researched.

    • A synthesis essay also can be written on a topic combining two or more theories on a subject area in art. Two opposing views on the same topic can be contrasted and assert your stand on it.

    • You can select a theory on art and give a critical overview on it.

    If you are settled for a thesis idea, a narrowed down thesis topic and your stand, now you can write the thesis statement. Discuss your professor or the instructor and get the approval for your topic.

    Start the Writing with the Thesis Outline

    Now you have a firm thesis Statement. You must write down your thesis outline. You must give thought to the type, and means of obtaining of relevant research material. Collect the material and find evidence for proving your art thesis. Follow the normal thesis structure and keep on adding flesh to your outline. Write the introductory chapter giving background information to educate the readers and stating your thesis. Then you may present your case writing one chapter for each of your points or arguments. Your two or three chapters that argue your case must be connected so as to give coherence to the essay as a whole. Keep the most important argument to the last. Final conclusive Chapter must restate your thesis summing up the arguments. Write an abstract of your thesis essay. This should come before the introduction.

    Many students taking courses in arts may find it difficult to write theses as their medium for self expression may be something else. Nevertheless, they have to get the good grades for their subjects. If you are not confident to write a thesis without any help it is always advantageous to get professional thesis help.

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