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Writing Acknowledgment Page

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    When you accomplish something, or when celebrities win a Grammy or an Oscar, what do they do? I am sure you must have all seen that they go up on stage and thank everyone who supported them and contributed towards their achievement. This is exactly what is required when you accomplish writing a great thesis or dissertation and this is what the acknowledgement page is there for.

    In simple terms, the Acknowledgement Page is a means for realizing and appreciating people for their aid and guidance. It is important to differentiate it from the ‘dedication’ page, as that is used when you want to honor somebody. Whereas an acknowledgment page is a very important piece of your thesis or dissertation that is used for thanking and expressing gratitude to everyone that helped and supported in the overall process of your thesis writing.

    Often students make mistakes in writing a proper acknowledgement page and here are a few guidelines that will assist you in writing a captivating acknowledgment page.

    First off you need to begin with the suitable order and the placement or positioning of the acknowledgment page in your term paper. It is not compulsory to write an acknowledgment page, as there may be instances when you have done all the research work on your own, and you just might want to omit the entire page. But in cases where you have taken help, it is best if you show heartfelt gratitude towards those people. So if you want to include an acknowledgement page, you should ensure that it is positioned after the cover page of your paper, and at most one page in length.

    Once the ordering is done, you should think about who you want to acknowledge and recognize. This is particularly important as most students often mistake by trying to include everyone. Obviously teachers and mentors, since your kindergarten has contributed to your ability, but these are inappropriate. Since the acknowledgement is one page in length, you should only recognize those people that have directly assisted in your writing. You should also add in the authorities that have allowed you to include any copyrighted material in your paper. Writing an acknowledgement page is always nostalgic and is significant in the way that it gives you a chance to reflect back on your work and the overall research process and everyone who was with you all the way through your dissertation.

    The tone of your acknowledgement page should be captivating and cordial. The names and titles should be quoted in full. Typically an APA or MLA format is used for writing the acknowledgment page. Your page should end with a Roman numeral and the date of submission of your thesis. Like any other academic text, your acknowledgment page should show maturity and professionalism.

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