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Writing an Erudite English Thesis

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    Writing English Thesis Calls for Perfect English Language Manipulation Skills

    English thesis is a requirement for English majors or Students studying for higher degrees in English language. There can be many angles for writing English Thesis. But the basic requirements for the English Thesis are the extensive research and the originality of the ideas. The thesis can be a collection of primary data and analysis, assessment and evaluation of data on ethnographical and pedagogical issues. Theoretical examination of any issue connected to literature, linguistics and writing is another common type of English Thesis. Literature oriented students can study a literary work critically and write the thesis.

    Approval of Thesis Proposal is the first Hurdle

    Before writing the English Thesis students will have to write a thesis proposal and get it approved by the thesis committee. This is the practice of many universities. In case of a study on a literary work the proposal must include a description of the topic and a working thesis. A statement of the relationship of the work to other works of the same author, same period, or same genre must also be submitted if a critical study of the work is proposed. If the research study aims to investigate into an aspect previously studied, then your thesis idea which will indicate what gaps in knowledge you aim to fulfill has to be indicated in the proposal.

    Critical Study of Literary Works

    To study a literary work critically is to read, understand, evaluate and interpret the work. Basis for modern literary criticism is literary theory. Though many people see no distinct difference in the two activities and both are related to each other, literary theory and literary criticism must be considered as two separate fields of inquiry. Literary theorists take a more generalized perspective and look at the literary work, its methods and goals philosophically, while the literary critics are concerned only on the particular work. Students writing English thesis may choose either of these two methods. For example, by focusing on a number of literature works or an entire era in literature, the writer can choose to write a literature thesis utilizing the literary theory approach.

    Topics for Critical Analysis

    Other form of common English thesis is literature analysis. Analysis is examining something by breaking it into parts and studying each part separately. The thesis should have a thesis question or a thesis statement. The analysis aims at proving the thesis or finding answer to the thesis question. There are four points to be considered in selecting the topic for analytical thesis in literature. First, it should be interesting to the writer. Second, it shall be easy to research the topic. Third, your topic must be an original idea or new angle to the topic. Finally it should be narrow enough for you to write a thesis at your level. Normally a 15,000 words or 50 page thesis is expected for a MA thesis.

    Investigating Pedagogical Topics

    Some students may choose to write on pedagogical issues related to English language. This is especially suitable for those pursing higher level degrees such as Masters of Linguistics with a major in English Language. Here the focus is how language is learned, and various issues in teaching the language etc. The acquisition difficulties of English as a foreign language or how English language teaching can be improved are some of the topics to be investigated.

    Produce a Brilliant Thesis with the Help of Professionals

    Writing an English Thesis may seem like a simple thing for some who have not done it before. One advantage is that unlike in a science subject, there is greater scope for subjective perspectives and conceptualization in this type of study disciplines. However, the fact remains that the actual research process is still highly objective and systematic. Therefore it is best to get professional help from a good thesis writing service to write a brilliant English thesis.

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