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Writing High Calibre Honours Thesis

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    Honours Thesis Need to be Based on Student’s Original Research Work

    Honours Thesis is written by the students who expect to obtain an honours degree majoring in one subject. The honours thesis shall be based on student’s original research work. Normally an honours thesis is required to be about 15,000 words or 60 pages long. A thesis reporting the results of empirical research in social science can be shorter. If the thesis is on some laboratory experiment in natural science or a design in Engineering the length of thesis cannot be decided beforehand. The students should get a clear idea of what is expected from an honours thesis before starting to write the thesis.

    Students Need to Learn about the Honours Thesis First

    Student can avoid extra corrections and duplication of work if they study about the Honours Thesis first and then start the work on the thesis. Most universities and departments expect the students to spend one semester or about eight to ten weeks in preparing for the thesis writing. In this stage students are expected to write a thesis proposal and present it to the faculty in an open oral presentation. All this work has to be done under a supervisor appointed by the department. Within this period, the students will have to make a detailed plan and a time table for carrying out research and writing the thesis.

    How to Write a Good Thesis Proposal

    Planning stage for the Honours Thesis and writing the thesis proposal is supervised by a faculty member appointed as the supervisor and this exercise will serve as a thesis writing guide for the student. During this period students are expected to meet the supervisor at least once a week to discuss and streamline the problems and get advice for writing the proposal. For developing the proposal, the students have to first of all decide on a thesis topic and write a thesis statement. They should then carry out a literature review and decide to write on the theoretical framework. An appropriate research methodology should be considered and the plan for analysis of data or results must be drawn up. In most universities the students are expected to make an oral presentation of their proposals to the faculty.

    Writing the Thesis Becomes Tougher with bad Planning

    If the student fails to get the approval for his/her thesis proposal he may have to withdraw from honours degree. If the thesis is not planned well during the proposal stage, writing the thesis will prove to be a very difficult task. Good planning and a good proposal will account for a major portion of the work. Supervisor’s mentoring is as important as the students drive and enthusiasm on writing a good thesis. Therefore regular weekly meetings are essential. Students must be aware of the various parts of a thesis which includes:

    • Abstract

    • Introduction

    • Literature review

    • Problem statement/ goals & objectives of the research

    • Theoretical framework

    • Methods/research design

    • Results and analysis

    • Discussion

    • Conclusion

    Role of Synergy in Writing an Excellent Honours Thesis

    The students shall always look for the best ways to write the best honours thesis possible. This is because the thesis and the evaluation of the thesis will be a part of the student’s future academic and professional life. It is as important as the degree certificate. Students should not take the honours thesis lightly. They should endeavor to get all the help available for writing a good thesis. They can even get thesis help from a good thesis writing service. Synergic effect due to addition of a good writing service will definitely produce an outstanding honours thesis.

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