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    Here are Some Answers to the Common Question of “How do I write My Thesis?”

    How do I write My Thesis? This is one of the questions that worry most students when they come to the stage of writing the thesis for the Degree. There are some other similar questions related to the issue of thesis writing. But if properly tackled these problems are not that serious. If students follow a carefully drawn up plan and work according to the plan, they can finish their theses in time to submit it, without much difficulty. Before starting the writing process, the students have to find the requirements regarding the thesis from the supervisors. These include word limit, writing style and deadlines for different stages.

    Preliminaries in Writing a Thesis

    The first and foremost step is identifying a narrow topic area within the broader subject matter relevant to the study program. A preliminary research is needed for this. Selection of a good topic and formulating a thesis is the first major task faced by the student. The topic should be specific, narrow enough to mange and wide enough to research. The next step is to find an interesting issue on the topic which merits empirical investigations. This has to then be formulated in to a thesis statement. Thesis statement shall specifically state the problem in full and nothing more. In case of a thesis written for a higher degree like a Doctoral thesis, a proposal has to be submitted and the approval obtained before starting the thesis.

    How can I write a Plan for My Thesis?

    How can I write a plan for my thesis? This is another question that students tend to face difficulty with. First phase of making a plan is identifying all the tasks that have to be done from beginning to the end of the thesis writing process. Next step is scheduling these tasks by assigning them starting and finishing dates. Adequate time should be allowed for each task. If some tasks can be done at the same time they can be scheduled to be done parallelly. Time should be allowed for unforeseen events that may delay the work.

    How a Thesis Outline can Help Organize the Thesis

    A well organized presenting of the thesis ensures the flow of ideas and arguments of the thesis smoothly facilitating the delivery of the main idea to the reader. A thesis outline helps the writer to organize the ideas into sections, chapters and paragraphs to make the thesis a coherent, logical and readable writing that is easy for the reader to digest. Reading through a thesis sample, following the guidelines of the supervisors, and collecting information from good books on writing will help to make a good outline for the thesis.

    Who can help me write My Thesis?

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