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    Dissertation literature review is based on the information available at different sources about a topic or a research problem. It is usually included in the dissertation paper to show that how much information has been gathered regarding the previous research issues and it is available as the secondary source before conducting new research. It provides base for further research on a particular area. It comprises of considerable findings with the theoretical and methodological assistance to a particular dissertation topic. Literature review dissertation is the first step of conducting research as it provides a complete guide in terms of giving you an overview of the research topic and findings of the research done for a specific topic. Literature review for dissertations is usually written for sciences and social sciences because for these subjects, the experiments are necessary to prove a certain point. It is a crucial part of writing a dissertation, but sometimes literature review is also considered as a complete paper itself while in case of dissertation writing, it is a permanent part of it. When you need writing help, you can buy literature review here.

    Need to write a literature review for dissertation

    There are some basic points for writing this chapter.

    Because of this chapter, you can have complete awareness and understanding about a specific topic.

    It provides an opportunity to avoid any flaws existing in previous researches.

    Due to this dissertation chapter, you can relate the works done by others in that area.

    The main thing about this chapter of the dissertation is that it leads to a new research.

    Important Tips:

    This chapter on any topic is written in the following manner

    1. First of all, before writing this chapter, develop it by specifying the problem area on which you want to collect data. Then search for relevant information available in different sources on the selected topic. Use leading sources and search on the internet to collect data that will give current information about your topic. Sources can be books, journals, previous dissertation papers, newspapers and websites. There is a lot of data available in different sources, but make it sure that the data you are going to include in your literature review dissertation is worth it.

    2. Whenever you find some relevant information about your topic or problem, keep the complete reference of that source. Write down the sources from which the data has been searched out. And organize the data in any criteria whether chronologically, thematically or methodologically.

    3. Take an abstract from every article or paper from where you got the data; it will help you make a brief account of the information.

    4. Point out the flaws in the research methods, findings, conclusions to make room for further research on the same topic.

    5. Write the works of other authors in your this chapter, but in your own words.

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