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4 Factors that Make an Essay Great!

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    1. Use of Grammar

    Most essays are particularly keen at identifying poor grammar and spelling. It’s not enough that you use a basic spelling and grammar checker, but you have to proofread the paper itself and may ask others, such as a colleague or a trusted family member or friend, to proofread it for you. This eliminates the inclusion of unnecessary information, use of grammar confusion, and others would be able to provide you with honest and relevant opinions as a reader.

    2. Thought flow

    A great essay should have a consistent flow of thought. It should run smoothly from one idea or statement to the next. If a question is being asked, remember to actually answer it directly, together with concrete and factual information to support your answer. Usually, papers have a goal — do you intend to educate, convince, or inspire? Always support your answers or statements with proven data or actual experience (depending on the requirements of your paper).

    3. Use of simple and understandable terms

    A great essay can occupy the minds of its readers long after they’re done reading it. Keep in mind that you’d want to make it memorable – in a good way. One of the best tips we could give you is to choose an interesting topic or subject for your paper. The idea here is to engage the reader to listen to what you have to say.

    4. Keeping it short, but interesting and engaging

    Depending on the specifics of your essay, you have to keep it concise, coherent, and clearly understandable by your targeted audience. The most important thing to consider is to communicate the meaning or message of your essay across.

    Avoid using too many words, especially superfluous or flowery ones. Although it may lengthen your paper, it still has to hold relevance and consistency all throughout. Re-using different words with the same meanings or context only makes your essay redundant. Avoid too many run-on sentences or fragments and refrain from ending your sentences with prepositions.

    Start your essay with an interesting fact or theory, or begin with a short, compelling sentence, followed by the purpose of as to why you are writing the paper or stating that fact. For the conclusion, close the essay by briefly stating your key points and add a tone of finality as you do so.

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