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Accounting Dissertation Writing

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    Accounting Dissertation writing is completely different from other dissertation writing. It should be based on the realistic analysis and must meet the standard of International Accounting Standards. The dissertation process can be cut into three phases.

    Concept: In this part of the accounting dissertation , you should try to prepare suitable questions for your dissertation.

    Planning & Research: In this section, you have to create structure of your accounting dissertation and identify the purposes and the working methods of the dissertation.

    Writing: When you start writing the actual accounting dissertation you should include all the relevant information from the other two sections. Also inculde all the facts and figures, statisticla information and the real accounting procedures.


    • Arrange your advisor
    • List down the topics that you have interest in
    • Make a questionnaire for your topics

    When writing an accounting dissertation you need to remember the format of the accounting dissertation. It is different from other dissertation writings. Basically, it is based on the following order:

    • Title
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Literature Review
    • Methodology
    • Results and Findings
    • Conclusion
    • Bibliography.

    The most important part of the accounting dissertations is to identify the gaps in the field of research. Also make breif notes for future reference. You must read the journals available for conducting research and try to get primary materail as soon as possible. Time management and coherant plan of action are also an important factors of writing an accounting dissertation.

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