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    How to write a literature review for an action research plan?

    A literature review for an action research plan can be a bit tricky for those who will write it for the first time. To avoid any issue follow these how to write literature review for an action research plan tips. These tips are compiled together for students who look for help in research and paper writing. The first step is to understand what literature review is and how it is written. In this sort of a research paper you are required to evaluate the sources used for compiling the research project.

    The review is not an annotated bibliography or a summary; it simply defines how well an author comprehends the sources used. It also describes the writer’s ability to analyze the key points of those sources. This review becomes a basic pillar of your action research plan. It is a method of deep investigation and how all the sources can be well related to the topic. If you find all the resources addressing one major issue, emphasize on this point.

    The main purpose of writing a literature review for an action research plan is to relate it to one another. This mere connection will help unify the research which requires not more than three to four lines. It will depend entirely upon you how good will you be to connect these resources to one another by indentifying similarities and differences at the same time.

    How to write a literature review for an action research paper might be hard to understand at first but once you start it the process would become interesting with a keen analysis. The first step would be to state the research question then move ahead by unifying the idea. Further, the paragraphs you will include should explain individual study with immense information. It will include the methodology and questions that needs to be answered.

    This information will move from one source to another source with fine transitions. It should have an obvious connection, without any flaw to connect information of one source to another. Finally in the end, evaluate all the given sources and their information. Review the effects of sources on the active research plan and provide reader with references on the last page. It is mandatory to read how to write a literature review for an action research plan before you start to write it.

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