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Advertising Dissertation Topics

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    One of the nice things about advertising is that it has a wide range of fields that concerns so many people. From marketing to multimedia and audience cognition, advertising has it all covered. Thus, it is no wonder why there are so many advertising dissertation topics that you can easily choose and work on. But for those who do not have much time to think about their dissertation, here are some suggested advertising dissertation topics that would cater to your writing needs:

    1. The 3R in Advertising: Recall, recognition and retention.
    2. Children and Brand Awareness.
    3. The Rise and Fall of Print Advertisements.
    4. The Importance of Advertising for the Economy.
    5. Recall and Recap: The Then and Now of Advertising.
    6. Multi-Media: The Integration of Advertising.
    7. The Power of Social Media in Advertising.
    8. Why Cross Media is a Good Promotion Tool.
    9. Children as the Controversial Audience.
    10. Pop-Ups and Spam: Internet and Advertising.
    11. The Role of Advertising in a Teen’s Self-Esteem.
    12. Window Shopping and Why We Want More.
    13. The Man as the Passive Consumer.
    14. Quality vs. Quantity: The Advertising Basics.
    15. The necessary truth about commercials.

    Feel free to choose a topic from the list and feel free to work on them, as this list of advertising dissertation topics is not exclusive – you can easily mix and match the suggested ideas. If you are interested in the history of advertising but would rather focus on print ads, you can easily make a focal and comprehensive study of the history of print advertisement and its effects.

    Upon choosing from the list of advertising dissertation topics, you should then consider these useful tips for writing the paper:

    • First, when writing an advertising dissertation, it is very helpful to conduct a study that you have access to.
    • While writing a dissertation, remember that it should not be pure opinions or plain hypothesis. A dissertation is an academic paper and it should be solidly based on an educational foundation, otherwise it would just be treated as an essay.

    When writing a dissertation, specifically on the topic of advertising, be sure to keep the facts, data and conclusions up-to-date, as this field is one of the most recurrent and fast-developing industries in the world. To put in an outdated idea, aside from the study of history, would render the dissertation insignificant, if not worthless. So to avoid the hassle of rewriting, make sure that these tips are considered and followed. After all, writing a dissertation is never really an easy task.

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