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    Writing a dissertation can be a challenging task for most of students and professionals. It needs careful planning, in-depth researching, and can be time-consuming. For students, dissertation is a requirement to pass the course. For professionals, it might be a requirement for higher and continued education. That is the reason why writing a dissertation gives a bit of stress; and real hard work and thorough analyzes should be done to overcome this challenging work.

    Before writing a dissertation, you have to know what should be included into it. The dissertation proposal structure gives us the parts so that we will know what details are to be included in a specific part. This would also give us a hint as to what section should be done first. This would also let us know if our dissertation is complete or not.

    1. The title page comes first.

    Include your research proposal title on the title page. Other things to be included are your name, your id number, the department and the course, and lastly the name of your supervisor. Next to the title page is the table of contents. It is the reference where you will place page numbers that correspond to specific sections in your dissertation. The abstract is written after the table of contents. This is the overview or the summary of the important points.

    2. The introduction is the section where you tackle your dissertation.

    In this part of the dissertation proposal structure is you should expound your research problem or statement of the question. Notice importance of your dissertation and its relevance and how this would contribute to your field of research. After writing the introduction, you should present theories, or other past studies that would relate to your dissertation and review of related literature. Here you will site other materials that will support and show that your topic has not been explored in that particular source.

    3. The research methodology is the next section.

    Here you will explain the type of research you are going to apply, and why it is the best method to be used. Data assessment should come next. This part explains how the data will be analyzed and presented to be able to arrive to a credible result. After the data assessment, you are expected to present the outcome. What outcome did you hope to be achieved? After the expected result, write your schedule. This part shows the targeted work to be accomplished at a certain time. In the next part, the resource and budget section, you should state the resources and budget needed to complete your dissertation.

    After this comes the bibliography. This is the part where you give credit to materials, such as books, magazines, articles on the internet, and other research materials that helped you in your dissertation. Lastly, include the appendices; include graphs and diagrams that will be helpful for the readers of your dissertation.

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