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Journalism Dissertation Topics

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    Journalism is all about collecting information and distributing it to different media such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and the internet. This is why a journalism dissertation is typically more stringent than other degrees considering how the course itself focuses on proper writing. Individuals who are going for a journalism degree should make sure that their dissertation focuses on strong and concise wording.

    Prior to worrying about the writing itself, however, individuals are advised to determine the best journalism dissertation topics. With a good subject, students will get a better chance of creating a viable argument that will get them accepted in the college of their choice. Following are some journalism dissertation topics that should help students to make a decision.

    1. Journalism and the Internet. Try exploring the impact of the internet on journalism, focusing on the more personal publications available today. For example, some journalists are utilizing social media such as Twitter and Facebook to increase their readership. Blogs and personal websites have also become mainstream – how does this affect the journalism industry today?
    2. Focus on investigative journalism and the moral lines that separate reporting and violation of personal privacy. Investigative journalism is actually very confrontational, which means individuals will need to exercise tact in order to get relevant information. More importantly, is investigative journalism helping or making things worse?
    3. Consider the role of social media in journalism today. With practically every person capable of recording, posting and sharing news-worthy information, how is this changing the journalism industry as we know it? Is the rampant availability making things better or worse?
    4. Focus on celebrity journalism and how it has become relevant in today’s society. More importantly, discuss various limitations that the paparazzi should be aware of when it comes to celebrities. When are they crossing the line?
    5. Shaming and Naming – are journalists overstepping the line when reporting potential scandals? Apply this to current events pertaining to political and celebrity figures.
    6. How has journalism changed over the years, especially with the advent of the internet? Try to cover different aspects of journalism such as sports, investigative or celebrity. Compare and analyze the approaches to each one and whether things have changed for the good or not.

    Of course, those aren’t the only possible journalism dissertation topics that students can focus on. Try brainstorming over the topic and more unique ideas should pop up.

    Journalism Dissertation Tips

    After choosing among the journalism dissertation topics, students should start building their outline for the paper. One of the most important things to remember when writing is that it should start with a basic theory that is carefully extended and explained throughout the paper. Theoretical and factual information should also be provided as a concrete example of the theory. Remember that a dissertation should have a conclusion with supporting information, allowing the reader to be convinced with the argument. Get best dissertation help from professionals at PhDify.com

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