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Argumentative Thesis Writing is Challenging

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    Proving the Thesis Statement is the Role of an Argumentative Thesis

    Writing an argumentative thesis is not a difficult task if you understand what is required and if you manage to get good guidance. Let us explore the requirements of an argumentative thesis. Argumentative thesis is to convince the reader of the stand taken by the writer of the thesis on a debatable topic. Student should clearly understand that there should be an argument for an argumentative thesis. The thesis cannot be a fact that everybody agrees upon, because there is nobody to argue with or to be convinced. It should not be a question, because it does not inform your stand on the topic. Without taking a stand you cannot argue. The first step is selecting a topic that is debatable. There must be some people taking a stand on the topic and another group taking the opposite stand. Writer must take one side and state which stand he takes in his thesis statement. Writer’s job is to collect facts, evidence and data to support his stand and present them with his arguments forcefully to convince the people who take the opposite stand. Having understood that student can find a suitable topic that he is familiar with, interesting for both the writer and reader and easier to research.

    Developing the Thesis Statement

    The success of any thesis depends on a good thesis statement. Thesis statement has two parts. First part is the topic. Second part is the stand taken by the writer. Good argumentative thesis statement must have the following attributes.

    • It must be on a debatable topic.

    • It should be narrow and specific.

    • It should clearly inform the stand taken by the writer.

    • It should be concise

    • It should be interesting

    • It should have enough research materials

    After deciding the topic and writing the thesis statement it is an easy task to find the facts, information, and data required to argue for your standpoint. Because the topic and the thesis are narrow you know what type of information is necessary and where to find it. Collect enough facts and information to support your arguments. The sources must be reliable and credible. Once you have enough evidence you can start writing your argumentative thesis.

    Writing the Thesis

    Every student must learn how to write a thesis. You must first know the structure for the thesis and then can write an outline for your thesis. The thesis outline follows the basic structure shown below.

    • Introduction chapter with clear thesis statement. Here writer informs his stand on the topic.

    • First chapter gives an overview of the topic.

    • The next chapter outlines the exiting views on the subject.

    • Third chapter should outline the thesis methodology and the data collection process undertaken.

    • The next chapter presents evidence, information and the data that supports the stand of the writer

    • Next chapter brings forth the analysis, evaluation and argues strongly to show the stand taken by the writer is correct.

    • At the end the writer reasserts his stand.

    Your argumentative thesis is complete when the bibliography is attached. Remember that not only the reference citation but the whole thesis paper must follow the required writing style. Now it is seen that writing an argumentative thesis is not a very difficult task. But if you are not yet convinced don’t postpone getting a support from professional thesis writing service. It is wise to get help rather than waiting till the deadline for submission looms upon you.

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