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Benefits of Literature Review Examples

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    Literature Review Examples are Good Study Guides

    Literature Review Examples help the students as guides for writing literature reviews. Those who are not familiar with writing literature reviews can get good literature reviews and study how they have been written. A literature review is a text of writing that reports the results of a research on available knowledge on a specific, citing the sources and sometimes with comments on the publication date, relevance to the topic and connections to other important allied topics. It should not contain any opinions, judgments or conclusions. It is not merely a list of sources, but a summary and synthesis of content available as knowledge on a particular topic.

    Learning to use the Literature Review Examples

    Students can get the maximum benefit from the Literature Review Examples if they use the examples wisely. They can study how the sources are listed and the order in which they are listed. The way the references are cited is also of great importance. An accepted writing style has to be used when writing a literature review, since this is a formal piece of writing. Most popular writing styles used for this type of written work are APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard styles. Students can select any of these if the writing style is not specified.

    Role of a Literature Review

    Main purpose of a literature review is to update the readers understanding on the present status of the knowledge on a given topic. Not only for the readers, but for the researcher also it is very important to carry out a literature review. Before starting any research project the researcher should know the status of knowledge and the research done by others on the topic. This helps to prevent the duplication of work too. Literature review is a must for dissertation proposals. As the literature reviews do not contain any new knowledge they are not considered primary sources.

    Searching for Literature Review Examples

    Finding Literature Review Examples is not a difficult task. But to find a good review student should have some knowledge on the literature reviews. Most of the dissertations and majority of theses include literature reviews. Most universities all over the world archive the theses and dissertations of their students as digital thesis. Many universities make the theses available of charge. Other universities allow downloading only for subscribers. Subscriptions are not very expensive. Students who like to get literature review examples can download theses written on topics similar to their thesis topic.

    Writing Informative Literature Reviews with Professional Help

    In the university or the college students will have to write literature reviews as part of thesis, a dissertation, or a project proposal. The literature review also has to be as convincing as the proposal in the case of a dissertation proposal. To get the approval for the project students have to show the importance of the topic as well as the proposed project. The literature review that must be a part of the proposal plays a crucial role in getting the approval. To write a convincing and informative literature review students can get help from a professional writing service. Apart from this, a good professional writing service like PhDify.com can provide thesis help and dissertation help too.

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