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How to write a Thesis

03 Feb 2017Writing Tips

Learn How to Write a Good Thesis to Ensure your Degree

Learning how to write a good thesis is the key to be successful in getting a higher degree. Whether it is a Master’s Degree, a Doctorate or an Honors Degree, the thesis is the most important requirement to be fulfilled by the student. This academic paper is written under the guidance of a supervisor appointed by the university. There are many tasks involved in writing a thesis. Proper planning, systematic approach and helpful mentoring by the supervisor will help the student to write an outstanding thesis. Referring to a good thesis writing guide can also be of immense help.

The Main Tasks Involved in Thesis Writing

The main tasks involved in writing a thesis are:

• Selecting a suitable topic
• Narrowing down the topic to a feasible scope
• Conducting preliminary secondary research
• Making a thesis plan
• Creating a thesis
• Writing a thesis statement
• Conducting a literature review
• Writing and presenting the thesis proposal
• Design the research methodology
• Collecting and analyzing data
• Writing the thesis
• Editing and proofreading the thesis
• Submission, presentation and defense of the thesis
• Corrections amendments and final submission

Students need to learn about each of these steps and their significance for the success of the thesis, if they are to perform well in their thesis project.

Preparatory Work and Approval of Thesis Proposal

Normally it may take about eight to ten weeks for the preparation of the thesis proposal and get it approved. Unless the students know how to write a good thesis, this can be a good exercise for them to learn. The time spent for the thesis proposal is not in vain, because all the preparatory work lays the foundation for the thesis. If this preparatory part is done well the students has the chance of writing a good thesis without much difficulty and in time. Therefore students should understand the importance of thesis proposal stage for the success of the thesis.

Different Parts of the Thesis

A good thesis has to be structured well. It is true that the study departments and universities specify the formats for thesis. When there is an accepted format, students shall abide by it because the intended readers, like the thesis committee members expected to find different parts of the thesis in the exact place where they should be. The supervisor and other academic staff members can guide the students and show him/her how to write a good thesis. Once the first draft of the thesis is finished, student must read and re-read the thesis twice or thrice to make changes and see the missing parts etc. After editing the thesis, student may get another party to edit and proofread it for better results.

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