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College Essay on Juvenile Corrections

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    For writing college essay on Juvenile corrections, it means the rehabilitation/correction for underage offenders, to guarantee the civil liberties, emancipation and welfare of Juvenile offenders.

    Juvenile corrections systems are made of many agencies, associations and human resources that process antisocial youth. This includes the police, magistrates, bail services and welfare agencies that offer these young offenders miscellaneous services.

    There is no specific universal juvenile court system, and nearly all are divided into in house trials, state correctional bureaus and private service contributors. These institutions separate juveniles from fully developed offenders.

    In your college essay on Juvenile corrections, write that juveniles are incarcerated by breaking the law and getting into trouble with law enforcement. For little misdemeanors, usually these offenders are let off with a warning by the police, and their parents are informed. For serious offences, procedure is followed for sending these offenders to a detention facility.

    For incarceration, the first step is the police investigation. This determines the seriousness of the crime, the offenders past record, and whether the offender is telling the truth.

    For college essay on Juvenile corrections, mention that Juveniles in custody have the same constitutional rights as adults, regarding search and seizure. After the initial police investigation, the juvenile is presented before the juvenile court, where a decision is reached as to whether the juvenile should be sent to a detention facility, or allowed to remain at home.

    A major cause for juvenile offences is the presence of gangs in schools. Although gangs are not new in schools, what is new and disturbing is the recent rise in criminal activity in schools because of these gangs. These gangs victimize other students by taking things away by force and also by being physically attacked. Gangs are the prevalent cause of student violence and antisocial activities.

    Juvenile courts serve the same purpose as adult courts: to provide justice and efforts at rehabilitation for those entering the system. There are many critics who believe that the abolishment of juvenile detention facilities would be best. However, research shows that juveniles are best served in a legal system dedicated to their specific needs.

    Include in the college essay on Juvenile corrections, that unlike adult courts, Juvenile courts consider other factors like family life, emotional issues that the youthful offenders may have endured. The age and the seriousness of the crime are considered when awarding sentences to Juvenile offenders.

    However serious crimes like murder, robbery and armed robbery, rape are also being committed by the youth of today. Many factors trigger youth crime like lack of parental guidance, being emotionally unstable, jealousy for not possessing what others have, and maybe even genetics. America is one of the 6 countries in the world where the death penalty can be awarded to juvenile offenders.

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