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    Writing a college essay entails carrying out research and extensive research. However, before going further into writing paper, one needs to come up with a topic. Apart from letting the reader know what the paper is about, the topic gives the paper focus. One is able to research knowing the destination or final purpose of all the reading involved. College essay topics are preferably chosen from the student’s major area of study. It is not advisable to do an essay in an area where you have no academic interest in. However, no academic discipline exists on its own. Most areas of study are multidisciplinary; therefore you may find a student of communication applying theories from psychology.

    Good college essay topics have to be about areas of interest to the student, scholarly field or the society. College essay topics do not only have to be interesting but relevant. To be able to come up with good college essay topics ask yourself what positive contribution that aspect you want to study will add to the society or academic society.

    How to get good essay topics

    Depending on your area of study there are a variety of sources for college essay topics.College essay topics have to be about trending issues. These are current issues in your area of study. This will make your essay very interesting since people want to learn new concepts or get fresh angles about topics. Using very old topics that have already been exhausted by other scholars before will make your essay less interesting and even boring. Some students choose such topics simply because they will have too much information readily available to them and they will not need to spend so much time carrying out research on the paper.

    The essay topic has to grasp the attention of the reader. It should be framed in a way that is academically acceptable and at the same time interesting. Depending on the field of study you are in, you will have to consider the language you use. For example, the tone used in a literature paper is not the same that can be used for a medical paper.

    There are several ways you can frame the topics including:

    • A comparative analysis of…..
    • A critical review of……..
    • A critical approach to……
    • Understanding the origin of…..
    • A new perspective of…….

    These are some examples of how to start your topic to make it seem interesting, catchy and yet academic.

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