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Comparative Thesis Compares Various Constructs

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    Your Comparative Thesis Should Look for both Similarities and Differences

    Purpose of a comparative thesis is to compare two variables, constructs or simply put two things. Whatever the course a student follows, a comparative thesis can be written comparing two things that is important to the subject area covered by the course. For instance a law student may write a thesis comparing marriage laws in two different states or countries. A computer science student may write an algorithm thesis comparing two algorithms used to solve the same problem. But for students majoring in subjects like Comparative Literature or Comparative Law it is compulsory to write a thesis of this nature.

    Essentials of a Comparative Thesis

    When two things are compared they must essentially have similarities and differences. If the two things are identical then there is nothing to compare. If they are totally different then also you cannot make any comparison. Therefore when you write a comparative thesis you must find two things that have things in common, yet different. You must find a basis for comparison, sometimes called a frame of reference on which you build your thesis statement. Without a frame of reference the writer has no focus or an angle on which to build his argument. Next important thing is the ground for comparison. This is the reason why you choose the two items for comparison. There must be some connection between the two. In a literature thesis Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” cannot be compared with Wordsworth’s “Daffodils” because no connection or a similarity as the ground for comparison.

    The Different Ways to Compare

    The way you write the comparative thesis depends on what you intend to show from the comparison. The two things being compared may compliment, supplement, contradict or debate each other. Method of comparison depends on this. When comparing X with Y, X can be given a higher weightage than Y. That means Y is looked at, through X. This method is called Lens or “keyhole” comparison. X acts as a lens. This method is suitable if there are many differences. If there are many differences and many similarities then the method of comparison also is different. The best suited method is to give the same weightage for both.

    Writing the Thesis

    In writing the comparative thesis the conventional thesis style is not appropriate. Because the main body will have many similarities and differences to write upon. The structure of the comparative essay will be the introduction, main body and conclusion. If the lens method is used there isn’t much for writing about Lens. There is much more to write about the focal object. In this case text by text method of writing can be used. Description of lens can be written first and the differences of focal object can be written next. If you are giving equal weightage to both you must write point by point. Similarities and the differences must be examined one-by-one.

    Comparative Thesis is Difficult

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