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Creating a Thesis Statement

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    Creating a Thesis Statement Is a Long process

    Once you get the assignment to write a thesis you can not just write the thesis statement out of the blue. Creating a thesis statement is a long thinking process. It needs lot of brainstorming, reflecting, gathering of information, and analyzing them. Then only you decide on the thesis statement for your paper. When topics are assigned for thesis writing, or left to be selected by the students, the initial ideas will generally cover a broad expanse of the topic. This will be too broad and vague for you to do meaningful research.

    Therefore the need for narrowing it to a manageable specific a certain amount of prior research is necessary to formulate the thesis question which will be the central theme of the thesis paper. The thesis statement you develop initially may have to be modified or amended when you proceed with the research. Therefore, a working thesis statement is recommended for the initial stage to start off the thesis project.

    Thesis Statement Should Match the Type of the Paper

    There are many types of papers that can be written on a theme. For example,

    • Analytical thesis examines key points of the topic by breaking it down to various segments.

    • An expository paper describes something to the readers.

    • An argumentative paper proves something with specific evidence.

    The thesis statement must also match the type of the paper. For instance, an analytical paper will have a thesis statement that reads as “this paper aims to analyse the ……”. Whatever the type of your paper the thesis statement is compulsory because it is the focus of the whole paper. It is normally one sentence and rarely two sentences long. It is also important to know in which part of the thesis the thesis statement will appear. Most commonly thesis statement is the last sentence of the first paragraph or the first chapter of the paper.

    Thesis Statement Clearly States the Gist of the Paper

    When creating a thesis statement it should precisely and briefly tells the reader what the paper explains or proves to the reader. When the thesis is to analyze, to interpret, to compare and contrast, to demonstrate cause and effect, or to take a stand on an issue, the thesis statement also should indicate to the reader that this is what the paper will be doing. The proper use of words is a must in thesis statement formulation as this has to be a concise and precise. An example of a thesis statement is as follows:

    “In the Vietnam War both sides fought for upholding great ideals, Americans for safeguarding democracy and Vietcong for equal distribution of wealth.”

    Process of Creating a Thesis Statement

    Here is an outline of the process for creating a thesis statement

    • Decision on the subject area

    • Selection of the topic (may be given)

    • Narrowing down the topic ( includes exploring your own interests, and prior research)

    • Find a question or a problem you want to address. Write very specific, brief answer to the problem and expand on it to organize the thesis.

    • Evaluate your thesis statement

    Final Decision on your Thesis Statement

    You have completed a challenging part of the thesis project which is creating a thesis statement. If it passes your own evaluation criteria, then show it to your supervisor and get his/her opinion on it before going further. The supervisor’s comments can prove to be a valuabel source of thesis statement help. If you are stuck with a writer’s block and no ideas are coming forth to create a good thesis statement, then seek assistance from a professional thesis writing service. This can put a sound foundation for the entire thesis project and allow you to submit an excellent thesis.

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