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Democracy Vs Dictatorship

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    When doing a research paper on democracy Vs dictatorship, the first step would be to define the difference between democracy and dictatorship. Democracy can be defined as an elected Government that is formed because they have been elected by the people. It is a government for the people, by the people, meaning that the government is run through the elected representatives of the people.

    England, the USA and India are cited as countries that adhere to all the norms of democracy.

    Next in your research paper on democracy Vs dictatorship, a definition of Dictatorship would be that in this form of government, power is centralized, and is usually in the hands of a single individual. The populace has no representation or say in the matters of governing, and all decisions are made either by one person, or by a selected few. Countries like Myanmar, Egypt, Syria and China (to name a few) are running on dictatorship.

    Also include in your research paper on democracy Vs dictatorship, is that there are advantages and disadvantages to both systems. People enjoy absolute freedom in democracy, including the freedom of self expression. The people can criticize the government and the government can even be dismissed by the people. All citizens are equal in democracy, and no distinctions are made on the basis of caste, creed or sex.

    Dictatorships too have advantages and disadvantages. During times of war, a democracy is not as efficient as a dictatorship. Also write in your research paper on democracy Vs dictatorship that chaos follows after the dictator dies or leaves the government. Hitler was a dictator, and history has recorded the destruction and mass killing carried out at his orders. Mustafa Kamal Pasha modernized Turkey. After his death, Turkey once again slid back into darkness. There is no check on the powers of a dictator. Under a dictator, people are reduced to the status of dumb animals.

    Democracy also has demerits. Democratic governments move very slowly. For any effective measures to be taken, legislation has to be adopted, which sometimes takes a very long time. Mention in your research paper on democracy Vs dictatorship that the success or failure of democracy lies with the voter. If the voter is intelligent and educated, then democracy flourishes and works for the betterment of the people. In countries like Pakistan, democracy is worse than dictatorship.

    Last in your research paper topics on democracy Vs dictatorship, explain that democracy only works in countries where the population is educated, and is completely unbiased. Voters elect representatives on the basis of their performance and their party’s constitution, not on personal loyalties that they think they owe to the candidate because he may be from their village or belong to the same clan as them.

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