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Descriptive Essay Topics List

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    Coming up with a descriptive essay topic list is not easy. Students spend many days deliberating on what topics to choose. The fact is the topic of your choice can actually influence your grades. When choosing a subject from the descriptive essay topic list it is important to select what you are passionate about. Do not configure to the overdone topics in your descriptive essay topic list. Instead choose something that is unique and what has not been tackled by many before.

    The following descriptive essay topic list may offer guidelines on what to pick for your assignment.

    1. A beautiful winter day
    2. A character from a book, movie, or television program
    3. A favorite childhood toy
    4. An irritating child
    5. Backstage during a play or a concert
    6. A person who intimidates you
    7. A person who is most admired
    8. A person you admire or respect
    9. A pet or an animal in the zoo
    10. A place near water (ocean, lake, pond, river, swimming pool)
    11. A prison cell, police station, or courtroom
    12. A prized possession
    13. A scene of environmental destruction
    14. A shopping mall
    15. A yard sale or flea market
    16. An accident on the freeway
    17. An art exhibit
    18. A hospital emergency room
    19. The devastation caused by natural disaster
    20. The experience of sky diving
    21. The inside of a spaceship
    22. The look and taste of a favorite food or dessert
    23. The most romantic day
    24. The scene at a concert or athletic event
    25. Your dream house
    26. Your ideal roommate
    27. Your memory of a place that you visited as a child
    28. Your old neighborhood
    29. Moving houses
    30. Mistaken identity

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