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Eradication of Small Pox Research Paper Writing Help

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    Small pox is an infectious disease that is caused by the Variola Virus. The small pox virus was being wiped out in the year 1977 by the efforts of the World Health Organization. This article will give you eradication of small pox research paper writing help.

    A research paper on eradication of small pox will start with an introduction. The first chapter of a research paper is the introduction. In this chapter, you will describe the background of your problem. Give a brief history of small pox. Describe the purpose of conducting a research on eradication of small pox.

    The next chapter of a research paper is the literature review. In this chapter, you will review various articles and research papers written on eradication of small pox. You may also review various medical science researches in order to get reliable information on eradication of small pox. You will also include statistics that describe the number of people who died because of small pox. Describe that how small pox was eradicated. Discuss various vaccines which were formed for the treatment of small pox.

    Read various articles written on the causes of small pox, its symptoms and preventions. When writing the literature review of your research paper, use your own language. Give proper references and citations in your research paper. You may also rely on the Internet in order to get eradication of small pox research paper writing help.

    When doing a research you are required to opt for a research methodology. The methodology is therefore the third chapter of your research paper. In order to conduct a research on eradiation of small pox, you may choose a qualitative research methodology. In this methodology, you will conduct interviews with various experts of domain. You may also conduct focus group discussion among medical science experts. These interviews and discussions will generate qualitative results of your study.

    After collecting data on eradication of small pox with the help of interviews and discussions, you will conduct data analysis. Data analysis will generate findings of your research. Use these findings to present results. The results of your research paper will discuss various efforts made to eradicate smallpox. Your research might have certain limitations. Therefore you may also give recommendations of further research on this topic.

    Give an abstract to your term paper in the end. The abstract will precisely highlight the purpose, background, methodology and findings of your research paper. Format your research paper. For formatting your research paper, you may use APA, MLA or Harvard of Chicago style of referencing.

    Therefore if you are looking for eradication of small pox research paper writing help, this article will prove useful for you.

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