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Expressive Language Disorder

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    Research Paper on Expressive Language Disorder

    Expressive language disorder is a learning disability that affects the communication of thoughts using spoken and sometimes basic written language. This disorder involves difficulty with language processing centers of the brain. Expressive language disorder can result from inherited conditions or may be caused by brain injuries.

    People with expressive language disorders may understand what is said to them but they have substantial difficulty in communication. They have difficulty with language processing and the connection between words and ideas they represent. Some people may also have problems with pronunciation of words. Some students with expressive language disorders may also have difficulty with receptive language that is problem in understanding what is being said or read to them. Expressive language disorder affects work and schooling in many ways. It is usually treated by specific speech therapy and is not expected to be self-remedial.

    To start with your research paper topics on expressive language disorder, you need to give an account of expressive language disorder and its types. You need to explain the causes and symptoms of this disorder. You should also provide the diagnostic process of this disorder. You should specifically point out the specialists who have been rendering their efforts to deduce actual causes of this disorder. Moreover, provide an analysis based on their findings on the prevention and treatment of expressive language disorder.

    Next, you should highlight the improvements in disorder’s therapy. This will include presentation of technology and research into use of various therapies suggested for patients of expressive language disorder. Then you should raise questions for the reader to assess the demographics of the patients and analyze “What to do next” remedial plan. Your research paper requires you to describe the myths related to expressive language disorders and the assessment programs to determine the level of difficulty a student is facing.

    At this stage of your term paper, it is mandatory for you to provide a research methodology. This shall describe the methodology used in collecting the information and why a particular method is to be used. Further, it will explain the sampling methodology that will be in use and how data will be collected using the sampling technique. The data collected shall be analyzed and presented in the form of descriptive statements, figures, tables and statistical tools.

    In the later stage of your research paper on expressive language disorder, it is necessary for you to define the scope of your primary data research. Key medical researchers, child specialists and speech therapists should be selected for interviews. The format of the interview should also be clarified and the questions shall be prepared in accordance with the research objectives.

    Finally, write your conclusion in a convincing manner. Provide a bibliography of all sources of information used as per the Harvard referencing or MLA style.

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