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Getting Through the Doctoral Dissertation Ordeal

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    Doctoral Dissertation is the Highest Academic Achievement for Most Academics

    Any student studying for a doctorate has to write a Doctoral Dissertation as a requirement for obtaining the PhD. Doctoral dissertation is referred to as doctoral thesis in UK and some other countries. Dissertation is written to present the findings of the research work done by the student to earn the doctorate. Research process culminating in writing and submitting the dissertation and sometimes defending it, is a long process. Yet writing a Doctoral Dissertation and adding PhD at the end of your name will bring immense satisfaction at the end of this long and hard process.

    How to Start Your Quest for the Doctorate

    Dissertation proposal is the first phase of the Doctoral Dissertation process. Students have to prepare their dissertation proposals with the consultation of the dissertation supervisor. Major part of the work is reviewing the literature. Aim of the proposal is to convince the dissertation committee, that your research project is important and worthwhile the effort and cost. It should also establish that your work is not duplicating the work carried out by somebody else and you have the capacity and capability of completing the research and the dissertation. Through this, you will be better informed at creating a thesis statement, and form the theoretical framework of the research study.

    Research for the Doctoral Dissertation

    Preparing the research proposal may take three to six months. It must yield a working thesis for your Doctoral Dissertation. Once your dissertation proposal is approved it means that you have cleared the first hurdle. This lays out a selected topic, a thesis statement to support, a preliminary review of literature to provide a theoretical framework and a tentative methodology that has been approved by the dissertation committee. Therefore, you are on a strong footing and well on the way to your doctorate. The next phase is to proceed on the chartered course marked by the approved proposal.

    Writing the Dissertation

    Doctoral Dissertation is a very important document that presents the highest academic achievement and has to be preserved for a long time to come. This has to survive for the benefit of others who carry out research in the same field, and for students in search of knowledge. Therefore the writing has to be in a standard that is fitting for such a work. It has to follow the guidelines set by the department. The format has to be an accepted style like MLA, APA or Chicago. At the start students must draw up a dissertation plan. A dissertation outline written according to the standard structure will give direction for writing the dissertation.

    Dissertation Help Guarantees the Success of Your Dissertation

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