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How Long Does it Take to Write a Dissertation

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    How Long Does it Take to Write a Dissertation

    Start in advance

    Try to start work in advance; plan your research as early as you can, make plan that can help in dissertation writing. This way you can feel more confident because you can understand how much time you have to conduct every stage of your studies.

    Ask about someone else's experience

    It's difficult to say with confidence how long does it take to complete a dissertation, answer to it is purely individual. Some students somehow manage to do their dissertation just in a couple of weeks, while others may work on it over one year. Huge role here plays the area of study and the chosen topic.

    Try to find info about how long to write a dissertation other people spent to write their theses on a similar topic. It would be even better if you could find a few of these people and talk to them personally. This way you can ask them what problems they have encountered while completing the thesis, what you need to take into account and ask how long to write dissertation you'll need.

    Realistically assess your abilities

    You should correctly calculate how much time you'll need to complete dissertation. Don't try to do it all at once; it’s better to work on it step by step, paying couple of hours every day for writing. This way you won’t face problems with it. Such scheme will help you to create high-quality work without excess stress, protect you from rush, and save you some time to do other important things. When student defends such paper, it must show his skills, knowledge received over years of studies. It doesn't have to be some breakthrough in science and practice. But thesis must contain fresh look at some statement, show your point of view on existing problem, offer some new solutions, etc.

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