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How To Cite Dissertation APA Style?

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    One of the first requirements a student will be given from his dissertation mentor is what style the sources in his or her work should be cited in. Normally it’s not even the professor but an educational institution the student applies for that determines the citing requirements.

    It can be Chicago, Harvard, MLA or APA styles, with the latter being one of the most popular among most American colleges and universities. So before you get all excited and busy doing thesis research, reading tons of materials and noting down your outstanding ideas – let’s review how to cite a dissertation using the guidelines of APA style.

    How to cite a dissertation in APA style


    1. Dissertation and page titles

    Dissertation title is in title case

    Page title is in sentence case

    Dissertation title: Mental Health Challenges amid Increasing Migration Crisis

    Page title: How men and women react to stress

    1. Direct quotes

    In braces with author last name, year, and page in parentheses.

    “Once the women were reminded of being Asian and that they were compared to Americans (typically less able at math questions), they outperformed their average score” (Bradly, 2015, p. 157)

    1. Citing sources in the text:

    Use author’s last name and date of publication airing in parentheses.

    Option 1: According to Bradly (2015), these differences are visible in 90% of the researched cases.

    Option 2: Research indicates, that these differences are visible in the majority of investigated cases (Bradly, 2015).

    4. Referencing sources

    Bradly, L. S. (2015). Cognitive differences between man and women crisis thinking (Doctoral dissertation), University of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK.

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