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How to summarize an article

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    The final step in the process of preparation for the delivery of report based on one’s paper encompasses the presentation of the huge amount of information in a condensed way to a wide audience or a scholarly supervisor. In this situation, one has to be experienced in writing a research summary. What is a research summary? This type of assignments is a text, which is highly sense-loaded and logical. It renders the main sense taken from the written research and presents in a shorter form. The central thing is to render the most significant issues, which can enhance the sense of your research. Students need to mention only the most relevant facts, which describe the aim, main objectives and single out the conclusions of your work.

    For students, who feel the lack of experience it is better to turn their attention to the format of their summary. Sticking to a certain structure is obligatory. A proper summary should have the explanation of the research question as well as argumentation of its relevancy. Next, a writer has to describe methods applied in a brief form and explain how the material of the research was analyzed. Then, it is obligatory to present and discuss the results received. It is also possible to explain the achievements and the contribution of this research to the particular branch of science.

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    The summary aims to render a reader a general sense of the research paper in a brief manner. To deliver a proper summarizing article, one has to be able to choose the most important information and deliver it to the reader in the appropriate manner. The author has to preserve a necessary format as well as logical structuring. Usually, this type of assignments is divided into the sections. If the writer endeavors to produce a proper summary, it is important to preserve the structural elements in his paper. Make sure that, every newly introduced notion is properly explained in your paper. Take care of the appropriate style. Include only relevant information. It is always a good idea to look through the similarly written assignments, to see the application of rules and tips in practice. Following the information mentioned above will make the writing process pleasant and the result excellent!

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