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How to write a capstone project

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    The capstone paper is an independent scientific work of the student studying at university or college. Usually, it is prepared before the graduation. It is mandatory component necessary for finishing the studies. It may be a technical project on a given topic. In addition to the list of references, the course project may encompass the economic part, which consists of the part, where the student analyzes the effect of the implementation of the calculation performed. This part may be related to the organization of production management. The course project is strictly individual for each student and serves as a developing element not only for professional but also creative skills. It is always associated with the subject, which is studied and connected to the specialization of the student.

    To prepare a proper project, a student has to stick to certain rules. First, it is necessary to do extensive research. After the writer has the basis for his work, it is necessary to proceed with the theoretical grounding. The student has to relate the theoretical principles to their practical application. Preparation of this task enables the student to examine real-world examples and situations through the prism of their views. They can exchange their points of view based on experiences and discuss potential solutions to problems.

    Capstone writing presupposes long and thorough preparation. It demands full dedication of the writer. One has to spend a lot of time at each stage of the preparation to produce well-structured and sense-loaded writing. The task of the students is to formulate the focus of research. He has to set a problem and develop the ways of approaching this problem. What is more, it necessary to cover the central issues related to the topic. A person has to be able to conduct the profound research that will become a significant contribution to the particular area of studies. My capstone project has become a good experience, as it enabled me to use my critical thinking skills in practice. What is more, it became a part of my future portfolio, as the first sample of my works.

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    In addition to the text part, the course project usually includes a graphics part, which consists of drawings, diagrams, and tables. Usually, two to four drawings are included in the work. The next part consists of standard sections: content, introduction, main part, conclusion, list of literature. Unlike the course paper, this type of assignment includes an explanatory note, which is added to these sections. Its function is representing of theoretical positions and basic. Also, the main part is necessarily included the section "calculated part." Sometimes the course project includes models – the so-called "materials of the study." However, this is not a mandatory requirement for the course project.

    As soon as the students estimate the level of complexity of the task, he realizes the fact that it is better to turn for help to a qualified specialist, who can help write a capstone paper. There is the variety of services available, which offer assistance in the preparation of these tasks. What is more, it is possible to google the capstone project examples. The theory is the necessary and important issue; however, in practice, it may slightly differ. That is why it is always a good idea to consult the sources, which offer practical visualization of the capstone projects. It will enable the writer to notice and analyze the appropriate structure of the paper. Moreover, there will be an opportunity to understand, which style has to be preserved throughout the project.

    Overall, a capstone project is a final step before the graduation for each student. This project aims to estimate the ability of the students to apply his skills and knowledge in practice. It helps to develop researching skills as well. It is not much wonder that students present and defend such voluminous projects in front of the wide audience. It is a great chance to train one’s public skills. A success of the project depends on the writing skills of the author as well as the level of his or her knowledge. However, if the person is dedicated and approaches this task seriously, there is the guarantee that this writer will receive appropriate and deserved evaluation.

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