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How to write a definition argument essay?

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    Writing a definition argument essay may seem very difficult, and to be honest – it isn’t that much hard that you realize. Catch some tips to succeed with it:

    – Choose wisely a definition you’re going to choose. By the way, catch topics for definition argument essays. It could be:


    2.The perfect shopping experience.



    5.American Dream.






    Why exactly these? Because they are the widest. Topics for definitional argument essays have to help you not only to open the meaning, but also to talk about your opinion, about the situations when you had such things.

    – While choosing avoid concrete objects like pencil, ball, or shoe. Obviously, you cannot write the professional and perfect text with the help of such primitive objects. Even word house is concrete, but home – yes, with this word you can succeed.

    – Be ready to search for a long time in various dictionaries, sites, and books.

    – Ask several people about their opinion on the word. Also, you may mention your own understanding and analyze everything.

    – Make definition argument essay outline which will help you to structure everything.

    1.Introduction with thesis.

    2.Topic sentence 1.

    3.Topic sentence 2.

    4.Topic sentence 3.


    What is a definition argument essay?

    As you comprehend, it focuses on clarifying the meaning of a controversial term or concept. In other words, how can we understand the real meaning if we don’t get a real meaning or the true one? Here is, where the argument is needed. Creating a well developed argumentative structure is similar to putting together the puzzles.

    – In your introduction, by the way, here, it can be more than one paragraph, you may summarize all details of the problems. End with a thesis statement that presents your claim.

    – After that write key terms that are going to be discussed. This may take one or two paragraphs.

    We highly recommend you to submit the statements that can support your claims. As a rule, your task is to present at least three ideas. That is why write three paragraphs in order to make the logical structure for the paper.

    – Address the opposing views. What problems exist with your claim? Be sure to bring the focus back to your points in relation to the meaning of the term.

    – We suppose that you know what the primary task of the conclusion is. Nevertheless, we intend to remind you. The final part of the paper should be dedicated to the summary and restating of the main issues. We can compare conclusion with the last flourishing because it creates the logical ending for the paper. Do not forget to make it clear and precise as the audience should realize each statement in order to respect you as a writer.

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