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How to Write a Descriptive Research Paper

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    Descriptive research paper allows students and researchers to create literature based on subjects that are yet not fully comprehended and consist of variables that have unproven or unknown aspects. To begin to fully comprehend the approach of how to write a descriptive research paper you must make sure that you take the following points of view into consideration.

    Learning how to write a descriptive research paper begins with the understanding that both qualitative and quantitative factors have to be considered. You have to make sure and apply primary research techniques as interviews, observation, and field experimentation as well as number analysis. Descriptive research reports are commonly used in fields as psychology, medical health, sciences and even marketing.

    Descriptive research papers are holistic in the way approach as such a variety of qualitative research is performed. Facts and figures will only provide statics for a given theory but in order to provide the reason behind the occurrence of theoretical factor you must provide supporting analysis from observations, surveys and interviews.

    When you comprehensively learn how to write a descriptive research paper you appreciate the advantage it provides in organizing your report according to your subject. For instance your research may include statics on the number, gender and age groups that use a certain product or service. Now qualitative factors as consumer demographics and customer feed back will allow service providers/producers to develop more accurate goods and apply more accurate marketing techniques.

    You have to make sure to not base your descriptive research on biased, subjective or one sided points of view. For example you cannot develop your research reports on survey conducts with questioners that have consists of questions that will lead a consumer to a certain point. While creating a comparison in relation to different factors you cannot emphasize on one factor more than the rest. All factors involved or related to the out come must be equally analyzed and informed of if you intend to conclude to an accurate theory.

    Make sure to be as transparent in informing of the approach you applied in reaching a certain outcome so readers will find your work plausible.

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