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How to Write a Pros and Cons Research Paper

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    Pros and cons mean the positive and negative aspect of any idea respectively. When talking specifically in the context of a research paper, pros and cons research papers fall under the argumentative research papers category.

    There are mainly two types of research papers: argumentative research paper and an analytical research paper. The first one discusses the positive and negative sides of a subject; the latter is concerned with finding something new or adding to the existing sea of knowledge in a particular field.

    A complete understanding of how to write a pros and cons research paper is critically important to ensure writing a compelling piece of work. Writing an argumentative research paper needs a shrewd sense of impartiality which is vital to its success.

    When you are choosing a topic for your pros and cons research paper, it is advised that you select a subject that has enough material to write on. You will be putting a lot of work and effort in your paper so it should be something worth writing about. A personal interest in the subject would further ensure its success.

    After selecting the topic, start brainstorming about its positive and negative sides. If you don’t know how to write a pros and cons research paper, just keep two words in mind: be impartial. Any preconceived notion will destroy the soul of a pros and cons paper. Don’t impose your personal opinion and ideas. Let your reader be the judge.

    Introduction is the first part of a research paper and should contain a brief overview of the subject. It should tell the reader that you will be discussing the pros and cons of the subject under scrutiny. If you are taking any sides in the paper, tell your reader about it and also let them know that you will back your thoughts with factual findings.

    Body of the paper discusses the actual pros and cons. The credibility of the paper hangs in this part. There are different approaches to discuss the pros and cons. You can write the pros first, discussing them one by one and do the same to the cons later. Or you can discuss a pro and then counter that by a con. This approach might confuse the reader so choose smartly. Just make sure to keep the flow logical and natural and your arguments short and gripping.

    Your paper should be impartial but if you are taking any sides, do that in the conclusion backed by the findings made in the results and discussion part. If you are staying unbiased, then the conclusion should be just a summary of what you have discussed in the paper and your own view on the subject supported by some logic.

    If you follow all these instructions on how to write a pros and cons research paper, you are sure to argue your point well. Just keep it simple and concise. As they say, less is the new more.

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