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How to write reaction paper?

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    Have you ever heard about such type of writing. We are certain that you will be glad to write that. A reaction paper is the one you will be glad to write about. The reaction or even response essays, they are the ones which are mentioned to be written not far after watching a film or reading a book. You are required to do one thing to think. Concentrate, gather thoughts and start performing.

    But don’t conflate response and reaction texts. Well, what is the scheme of writing the response paper? You have to find the text strengths and weaknesses, along with it and how well the book accomplishes its objective.

    You may ask, what’s the difference? Well, how do you write a reaction paper is up to ONLY your feelings! Not on the characteristics of behavior, author, or something like that – just your senses. Also, reaction papers are not just ones where you express your opinion. Your task is to realize the main essence of the text. Moreover, you should consider the main aspects and decide the main purpose of the author. We highly recommend you to cast a glance at the pieces of advice that will help you cope with the reaction paper.

    ·Use the first-person, we mean word ‘I’ while making reaction essays.

    ·Also, when you respond to the text, always back up your ideas and feelings with proofs from the text as well as with your own connection of ideas, texts, and overarching concepts.

    ·By the way, if the task was to agree or disagree, you have to provide convincing evidence about why you feel this way.

    ·But, please, understand that a reaction essay is not a summary of the text! It is a summary of your feelings! You can’t say just “I am keen in such book because it is so excited” or “I detest that book because it is annoying”. Can you say to your beloved person just “Okay, I like you”? No! You use a lot of words to describe what you feel and to make sure a person comprehends everything in the proper way. The same is here – don’t be mean on words.

    ·Before you start writing you have to know the main aim of the assignment and the requirements that your teacher has. Some professors want you to react using analysis of the text, while others want a personal response.

    When you work on this paper use such phrases as “I believe” or “I think” and show your feelings in such emotional way, to force the readers to feel it through the page in a loving manner.

    ·If the task was to read a book, you are in the correct place to get the information of how to write a reaction paper to an article. Well, read it carefully, without missing a page or line. Moreover, you’ll need to reread to give more appropriate and accurate examples.

    ·When you will be reading, mark exciting places which will be useful in period of writing. And of course it will be easier for you to find good samples spending less time for search.

    ·It is also obvious that for the good piece is essential not only last thoughts and feelings but the ones which you felt in the process of reading. That’s why better write them during reading.

    ·A very important and essential part is a thesis statement. Use all your notes to formulate a central idea you will develop in your later work. Then complete it in one sentence and make it your thesis statement.

    ·Try not to over carry with criticism. Of course, a reaction letter is a place where you can show emotions. It’s okay to critique a book or film, but you don’t have to be rude and nasty! Keep in mind that critiques without evidence and clear examples are always baseless and annoying to read.

    ·From time to time, students ask: “How long should a reaction paper be?” Well, they are usually short – range is from 500 words to 5 pages.

    ·And last, but not least – make a draft! Almost nobody can write a normal piece without rewriting and changing some moments. That’s why be ready to spend a lot of time on this task.

    As now you gathered basic rules of how to write a reaction essay in a good way, let’s move to the format.

    How to write a reaction paper?

    Each paper should be written according to the appropriate essay format. As a rule, it should consist of three components.

    Now, how to start a reaction paper? As you know introduction is one of the most critical parts. It is a face of the text – here you may describe the author and the text that you are analyzing, the main ideas and problems you are going to discuss. Also, don’t forget to write a strong hook sentence because you aim to catch the attention of the reader and to try keeping his attention during the whole essay. Write here approximately 3-4 sentences about the original text, and close the introduction with your thesis. It has to be brief and concrete; it is a sentence to which you will turn back all the time during writing.

    You may say – okay, with introduction and conclusion I can deal. But how to write a reaction paragraph?

    It isn’t hard too. Do you know what is the main function of the body paragraph? It should prove your thesis that is the last sentence of the introduction.

    That’s why we recommend you to make notes each time you feel something or think something essential.

    Also, after you organize your ideas into paragraphs, you need to find citations which will be very accurate and support your words in the best way. What’s even more important, don’t forget to start each paragraph with a topic sentence. Don’t make people search for your thoughts through all text. Make everything clear!

    Conclusions should be brief and concrete. It should summarize the whole message. Write a thesis and main ideas here. Also, you may talk to the reader, ask something, and think about the results, and the impact of your work to the society. After the conclusion, make a list of citations, which should contain brief but structured information on the sources, used in your work.

    It goes without saying that this type of essay depends on your inner world and thoughts. Surely, a reaction paper is a challenge as it requires to show your emotions, attitude in order to make the assignment more attractive. Be sure that you can cope with this task

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