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Improvised Explosive Devices

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    Term Paper Tips on Improvised Explosive Devices

    Improvised Explosive Device (IED) is also known as a roadside bomb. An IED device is used by terrorists, commando forces and guerillas. If you are looking for term paper tips on improvised explosive devices, this article will help you.

    The first paragraph of your term paper will contain an introduction of Improved Explosive Devices. Describe the purpose of writing a term paper on this topic. Describe what an Improvised Explosive Device is and where it is used. After giving a brief introduction of Improvised Explosive Devices, describe their historical background. Describe how and when they were introduced for explosion.

    Describe how these IEDs are made. Mention various ingredients which are used in such devices. Some of the materials used in IEDs are diesel fuel, fertilizers and old mines. Highlight different people involved in the manufacturing of an IED such as bomb maker, spotter, trigger man etc. Discuss the extent of destructions and physical effects caused by an IED. You may give facts and numbers that describe various causalities caused by these devices.

    Describe how these IEDs are triggered. Some of the triggering methods include a cell phone or sometimes a door opener. Describe various uses of such devices. Describe those events where these devices were used in a large scale. You may give an example of Vietnam War. The IEDs were also used in the War of Afghanistan.

    In order to gather information on IEDs you may get help from various information resources. These resources include the Internet, books and newspapers as well. You may read other term paper, college essays or research papers written on Improvised Explosive Devices. Extensive reading of various materials will generate many term paper tips on improvised explosive devices

    When writing details of improvised explosive use simple language. Do not use specific terminologies of Nuclear Science. Modify your language according to your audience. If you are using specific terminologies then include a key word section in the start of your term paper.

    Discuss various countermeasures for IEDS. Discuss various technologies in this aspect such as electronic jammers, radars, X-ray equipment and robotic explosive ordnance disposal equipment etc. Discuss the role of the Joint Improvised Explosive Devices Defeat Organization (JIEDDO). Discuss the role of Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) for inspecting and relocating IEDs. Discuss various funding campaigns for IED countermeasures.

    In the end of your term paper you will give a conclusion. In the conclusion you will summarize your complete investigation on IEDs. Give recommendations to your audience to take protective measures against IEDs.

    Therefore you will find this article useful for term paper tips on improvised explosive devices.

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