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Key Parts of Thesis Makes the Main Chapters

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    Know the Main Parts of Thesis before you start writing the Thesis

    Before starting to write their degree thesis, students have to learn about key parts of thesis and write an outline for the thesis. As in any other academic paper, the thesis report must contain an introduction, main body of the thesis, and the conclusion. But there are many other necessary parts that should also be included in the thesis. These parts are also very important and serve different purposes to enhance the value, readability, usefulness, appearance and the credibility of the thesis.

    Main Parts of Thesis

    The main sections of a thesis focus on presenting the academic discourse on the thesis topic. These parts start with the introduction and ends with the conclusion. Introduction to the thesis is presented in the first introductory chapter of the thesis. According to the scope and the nature of the topic three or more chapters can be written on different aspects and points of the thesis. There is generally a literature review, the methodology of research, the results and finding, discussions and concluding chapter. There are other important parts that come after the conclusion such as reference list and appendices.

    Content Chapters written according to the Nature of the Thesis

    The organization of the content chapters in the main body will differ according to the nature of the thesis. A thesis presenting the results of a primary research has to include an introduction, a literature review, methodology for research and data analysis, results, discussion, conclusion and recommendations as parts of thesis. A thesis written based only on desk research will have introduction, content chapters and the conclusion. Writing an advanced academic paper like a doctoral thesis requires the students to include all necessary parts of thesis in the correct order.

    Front Matter and End Matter

    Following are the front matter or the prelims that come before the introduction chapter.

    • Title page: ( Student has to write the title page in compliance with the selected writing style)

    • Abstract: A brief summary of the thesis

    • Acknowledgements: acknowledgements show gratitude to the people who gave assistance, guidance, encouragements and suggestions.

    • Table of Contents: List of contents shall be written in the order they appear and has to be complete. Only the page number of starting page shall be written. Avoid giving range of pages.

    • List of Tables

    • List of Figures

    • Glossary (as per the requirement)

    • List of Abbreviations (as per the requirement)

    End matter consists of the reference list and appendices. Reference list has to follow the guidelines given by the selected writing style.

    Thesis Help to write an Excellent Thesis

    Writing a thesis following all the requirements imposed by the writing format and the thesis guideline is a tedious task. Designing the research design and collecting field data can be extremely cumbersome. Student may make mistakes in writing the report, which will affect the overall standard of the thesis. Even if the student has done a marvelous job of researching and analyzing the research problem, if he or she is unable to present the findings properly, then the entire thesis project is jeopardized. By getting thesis help, students can avoid such disappointing situations and achieve better results from their thesis effort. Studying thesis sample beforehand can also help in getting a good familiarity with the main parts of thesis.

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