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Macbeth Theme of Sexual Frustration

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    English Literature Essays: Macbeth Theme of Sexual Frustration

    Macbeth, or The Tragedy of Macbeth in long form, is William Shakespeare’s shortest and arguably his sharpest tragedy play. There are different themes in the drama including unchecked ambition and its corrupting nature, the difference and relationship between masculinity and cruelty and the contrast between kingship and tyranny. However, an emerging and dynamic theme is sexual frustration as conceptualised by Sigmund Freud.

    English Literature essays on Macbeth focusing on the theme of Freudian sexual frustration are written using the following points:

    • Freudian Foundation – Being English Literature essays, the main theme used is Sigmund Freud’s concept of sexual frustration which is discussed in the context of being a literature plot or theme and less as a psychological subject matter. The English Literature essays narrate or account the story in the context of sexual frustration and does not explain in detail or in depth the psychological aspect of the theme.
    • Description of Characters – The English Literature essays describe and discuss the characters, but they do not dig deep on psychological analysis. Rather, the essays give just enough character analyses to discuss the plot, context and conflict that is important for essays in English Literature.
    • Brief Background on Freud – In writing the English Literature essays, the essay writers present a short description of Sigmund Freud. This background includes the credibility and acceptance of Freud and most of his concepts in psychology. The essay writer also mentions Freud’s being a prolific essay writer himself and his comment on Macbeth.
    • Essay Writer’s Stand – The essay writer takes a stand on his belief that indeed sexual frustration is a central theme in the drama or play. The essay writer demonstrates how this has become so. He or she presents the context of sexual frustration in the story and the characters.

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