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    "Speech from which breathtaking," "Best performance that I saw," "It was incredible" – if you want to hear such enthusiastic exclamations to your side after your performance – use the following tricky speech writing tips.

    Any success is 10 percent of talent and 90 percent of labor. The same thing is if you need to write a speech – if you work well, your speech will be good. In order to feel confident during writing speeches and the performance, you do not have to worry.

    In this case you should know what speech writing is. A good and thoughtful speech, uniquely, will help you to perform great. It should be remembered that there are two languages – written and spoken. When preparing a speech format for a declaration, keep in mind that your speech will be perceived by the ear. Therefore, it should be natural and pleasant. Formulate sentences briefly and clearly, avoid piling up complex speech. It is best to prepare it according to this scheme, observing the structure of public speaking:

    • highlight the main idea – the backbone or the trunk of speech;
    • find and structure all branches, and let them be diverted from the main thought, like branches from the trunk of a tree;
    • identify all the key points, and come up with ways to accentuate them (repetition, change in intonation, etc.);
    • find out from the presentation of what thoughts should be refrained.

    Find out What Is Speech Writing According to a Professional Speechwriter

    In order to prepare your speech, you also need to decide types of speech writing. There are four main speech writing examples. They include informational, demonstration, entertaining and persuasive. It should be noted that they do not mutually exclude each other. However, usually the presentation style can be attributed to one of four main types:

    1. Informative. This speech serves to provide interesting and useful information to your audience. Here the author does not have the goal to persuade the audience to his opinion, the main task is simply to convey information.

    2. Demonstration. They have much in common with informative speech since and also something new. The main difference is the direct demonstration of the knowledge that you get during this speech.

    3. Persuasive one is convincing speech helps convince people of something to change: they think how they are doing something or are starting to do something. This type of speech is widely used in politics, advertising and marketing because in these areas the success of an enterprise depends on the art of convincing the target audience.

    4. Entertaining help and enjoyment that make the audience laugh or identify with anecdotal information.

    Speech outline should consist of at least three parts in order to achieve success. It is important to remember that the thesis of the speech text of the speech should be clearly delineated; the material should not be loose. So:

    Part I: Introduction. In this section, the art of the speaker's speech is reduced to getting acquainted with the audience, to arrange it to yourself (to impress). Sometimes the speech, the structure of the speaker’s speech breaks down, until he overcame the resistance of the audience, prejudiced attitude to the speech.

    Part II: The main part. This part of the speech is the main because it determines the effectiveness of working with the audience. Here the author must consistently present evidence to his words and make the audience believe in them.

    Part III: Final Results. As a rule, at this stage the public is in emotional excitement or on a strong emotional upsurge. Often people even change their views on life, beliefs. For this reason, the final word should use effective techniques, for example, laconic conclusion or the original quote. And the latter can be represented both in prosaic and in poetic form.

    And remember, it should end when the audience does not suspect about the end of the speech, and not when it already dreams about it. Be sure to use our advice in order to impress your listeners.

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