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Understanding the MFA Thesis Writing Process

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    MFA thesis is a requirement for awarding the Master of Fine Arts Degree. MFA is usually a two year full time program and requires the students to produce a piece of original artwork in the field of specialization. The degree is awarded in the fields of creative writing, visual arts, film making and performing arts like dance, theater and music. Master of Fine Arts is normally considered as the highest level of academic achievement in this field though there are some PhD programs in creative writing and few other categories of art. Therefore the thesis written for MFA should be similar to a Doctoral thesis in status and has to be long enough to contain material worthy of a terminal degree like a Doctorate.

    MFA Thesis presents the Creation of the Student

    The MFA thesis is very different from a thesis written for a MA degree in social science or Humanities. It has to focus on the student’s creation for the degree. The project can involve a creative project such as writing a collection of short stories, a novel, or a drama for a student doing a MFA in creative writing. It can be a short feature or documentary film making. A student doing a MFA in sculpture can produce a piece of sculpture for his/her project. But the common factor is that the practice of the art from takes the main part of the thesis process and written thesis must focus on the creation of the piece of art.

    Presenting the Student’s Creation

    Near the end of the MFA thesis writing the student will have to present his/her creation in an exhibition or a show. For the visual arts students the opportunity is given to use the schools’ own art galleries or they can use the public galleries for exhibiting the creations like paintings, sculpture, pottery or any other type of the creations. The Music, dance and theatre students shall arrange shows to present their performances or dramas. The comments, reviews, praise and the criticism received have to be recorded and discussed in the thesis.

    The Contents for the MFA Thesis

    Due to the diverse nature in the art forms studied by different students the requirements for each can be very different. The best way to know the requirements like length, content and structure, format, style and the bibliography the students shall have discussions with the supervisor assigned for the project. Students can find a thesis sample form a similar project to study the type of thesis they have to write. In general the written thesis is expected to be a presentation on the nature of the created work of art and a comparison of the student’s work with similar work in the field. Material, processes and the techniques used as well as the student’s evaluation and the collection of critiques and reviews should also be included in the written report.

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