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    Conducting research is a usual process for the students to write dissertation, so it is essential for them to understand what dissertation research methodology is and how many types are available to conduct research.

    What is a Dissertation Research Methodology?

    It is a collective term for techniques, behaviors and methods used to gather information. It describes how you collect information either from primary sources or from the secondary source and how the information will be interpreted. Research methodology dissertation gives an idea before carrying out research that how the research will be conducted. Different types of methodologies are used to conduct different types of researches. Dissertation research methodologies are used to test hypothesis that are generally used in studies, but now they are also used for businesses to take crucial decisions and by an ordinary person just to solve a problem or for joy. As it defines the methods to conduct research, so the methods can be surveys, questionnaires, interviews or any observation from which data can be gathered. Dissertation research methodology is very helpful for the students as they will be able to gather the required data. Please, get in touch with our experts to buy dissertation research methodology if need research methodology help.

    Uses of Dissertation Research Methodology at Different Levels Different Purposes

    • To complete a degree, students are required to submit a paper called dissertation in which they have to research about a specific problem or a topic. Research methodology dissertation is a part of it that tells that what methods are being used in research to prove the hypothesis.
    • Companies also conduct researches for their planning and development department, sometimes before introducing a new product and sometimes to get a feedback of running product. They also choose suitable research information methods for their research and include in their report.
    • Government agencies also conduct research information for different purposes. They also use some specific research methodologies to conduct research and include those methods in their report.
    • Non-governmental organisations also conduct researches for welfare of people. They use different methodologies for this purpose and include in their research reports.
    • Nowadays businesses take decisions after conducting research, for example to forecast sale, to foresee future demand, other market factors and to design different policies.

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    Types of Research Methodologies

    There are numerous types of researches such as:

    • Quantitative
    • Qualitative
    • Inferential
    • Experimental

    It is not necessary that only one research method will be used to conduct a specific research. For some researches, more than one method is used to conduct research.

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