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6 Tips for Choosing a Dissertation Topic

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    The best dissertation topics interest the writer and engage his or her emotions. Look back at your academic career and examine your success with essays. Which earned the best grades from your professors? They are probably essays whose topics invoked a strong emotional reaction from you. Choosing a dissertation topic requires significant thought, and it’s never too early to start. Follow these six tips to select the best subject for your final academic paper.

    Keep a List

    Buy a notebook or start a document on your computer. Whenever a possible topic presents itself, write it down. The goal is to create a compendium of potential topics that might eventually become dissertations. Don’t evaluate or judge the topics now; write them down, no matter how unlikely they seem.

    Look for Gaps

    As you read studies and papers for your graduate classes, pay attention to neglected areas of research. What subjects or issues need further exploration? Choosing a topic that has not been examined from every perspective will allow you to choose a thesis in which you are able to find an original, creative angle.

    Narrow the Focus

    You might choose a broad area of study first, then narrow down your specific field of inquiry. Take a few hours to brainstorm ideas related to the subject matter. Focus on a small but significant issue to which you will enjoy devoting many months of research.

    Consider Potential Jobs

    While it should not be the most important consideration, think about your future career as you sift through potential dissertation topics. If you choose a subject that might impress or interest future employers, you will have a leg up in your career.

    Access the Internet

    Run a Google search on a specific topic, then write down interesting ideas or phrases that emerge in the search results. Conduct searches on increasingly focused topics until you arrive at a potential subject for your dissertation.

    Brainstorm with Your Adviser

    Take a list of potential topics to your dissertation adviser. If you need a help with dissertation writing, send a request to Run through each of the topics, offering a brief reason for each possibility. Your adviser can help you flesh out ideas and pinpoint obstacles to certain topics.

    Choosing a dissertation topic takes time, so let ideas sit for a while after they occur to you. Eventually, an idea will spark your imagination—and your academic curiosity.

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