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Points to Note in Writing an Eloquent Literature Thesis

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    Writing a Literature Thesis is Difficult, but Rewards are Fulfilling

    Literature Thesis is an option and not compulsory for many undergraduate English literature programs. But if the student has an ambition of pursuing graduate studies, a thesis helps the admission to any good graduate school. Writing a literature thesis is a difficult task, but the rewards are great. It takes at least one whole year to complete a thesis on literature. Student’s focus, commitment and self-motivation are the essential requirements for the successful completion of a literature thesis. Student shall decide on a topic as soon as he/she decides to take the thesis option for his/her literature major or start the Masters Program.

    Selection of an Interesting Topic is Very Important

    Literature is a vast subject area. Thousands of books need to be written to cover the aspects, authors or the literary works. Therefore student will have to select one topic that relates to the courses he/she has studied and that interests him/her. This gives a narrowed focus like English Literature, American Literature, Literary works from foreign authors, Victorian Literature or the Gothic Literature. These topics too are very broad for a literature thesis. The topics can be narrowed down by period, author, genre, gender, theme etc. as per the interest of the student.

    How to Start Writing a Literature Thesis

    Students shall do a preliminary research before starting any serious work on the literature thesis project. He/she can explore the few thesis ideas in his/her mind and look for available likely information sources. Studying a thesis sample will help students in understanding the way a thesis is written. With this information as guidance, a decision on the topic for the thesis needs to be made. This preparatory work may take few weeks and the outcome should be a thesis proposal with a bibliography and introduction to proposed topic. After getting the approval of thesis committee student can then proceed for the next stage.

    Thesis Statement and Research on the Topic

    After the approval is granted the student shall develop the argument and the thesis statement for the thesis. This can be done with the help and guidance of the supervisor. This guidance may be on research suggestions, likely sources, and writing down an outline for the thesis. In case of a doctoral thesis, students will have to meet their supervisors regularly and frequently to discuss and obtain guidance because the thesis will have to be presented to an audience of academics and defended by the doctoral candidate. Before presenting the thesis, it has to be read by the supervisor and his/her agreement is essential for presenting.

    Writing a Literature Thesis is a Tough Job

    Writing a Literature Thesis is not an easy job. Students who take up writing a literature thesis shall meet the responsibility and complete the task successfully. When in need they shall get appropriate help. The help provided by the college or the university may not be the type of help desperately needed by the student. Students can get thesis help from a good and reliable thesis writing service like PhDify.com.

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