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Points to Note when Writing an Abortion Thesis

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    Be Assertive! Prove your point in your Abortion ThesisM

    Now you have an assignment to write an abortion thesis. More you think you get confused and time flies by. But you could still not decide upon even the thesis statement, yet along complete the thesis paper. If it was a simple and familiar topic then you could have finished half of the assignment by now. Right? But abortion is not a common subject taught within school curriculum. However it is a social issue of great significance and hence has even commanded the attention of the educationists in terms of needing to create awareness among the students. If not, you may be choosing to write on this topic for a medical thesis. Either way, let’s explore ways to make this an effective and manageable task.

    Ponder Over the Matter

    Abortion has been a very controversial topic and until recent times it was taboo to even talk about it yet along address it in a class room. Given the controversial nature of the subject, it is best that you do not write anything that may offend others. If you need to choose a stance do so and justify it with evidence. Here are some tips to help you with the most difficult part of your thesis. First ponder about what you believe about abortion. Then you have to state what you believe as fact. Then you conduct your research and write your paper to prove what you believe. Most importantly, be assertive. With that type of spirit you can write your thesis easily. Also remember that you do not have to take a stance if a research project is not involved in the thesis writing of the assignment. You may write with an explorative approach and choose to uncover information and present to the reader without any writer’s bias.

    Select Your Thesis, Your Stance

    For writing a good abortion thesis you have to select your thesis very carefully. Thesis may be pro-abortion or anti-abortion. Or else you can research a relationship between abortion and another variable like poverty, age of the mother, lack of proper sex education or religious beliefs that increase unwanted pregnancies. Look at the various angles from which this controversial thesis topic can be considered. Some of them are:

    • Legal

    • Religious

    • Socio-Cultural

    • Economic

    • Health

    • Psychological

    • Ethical

    Write Your Thesis Statement

    Now decide on your stance and what the point you’ll assert and try to prove in your thesis. Select your stance. Write the thesis statement in about 50 or 60 words. This can be a straight forward idea or a question you try to answer in the thesis. Write down three or four main points on which you are going to build your thesis. If you have successfully completed this part, Well done!! Most difficult part is over in writing your abortion thesis.

    Writing The Thesis

    Now let us see other things that make the thesis. Now that you have written the thesis statement, you have to develop a simple structure or a Skelton outline. Then in jot notes or bullet points, mention the key information that you plan to include in each section. Based on this, you can conduct your research and reading. Have separate sheets of paper for each part of your thesis. Note down the things you plan to write for each section like introduction, sub sections of main body and the conclusion. Read the material and collect ideas and note down the parts you are going to quote directly. Then write your sections carefully. Read and correct the grammar and spellings. Read it few times more adding, chopping rearranging and changing the words. If you are pressed for time it is not a crime to get thesis help too. Don’t forget to carefully list the books, journals and websites you used for reference. When you have complete information of sources you referred to, writing your thesis reference list as per the thesis format becomes a breeze.

    Now it is time to complete your writing. Double check your work one more time and get a third party to proofread if possible. Submit your abortion thesis paper with confidence and hope for a good grade that you fully deserve.

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